Lentils and Adzuki beans

In addition to these beans packing tons of protein… surprise, surprise they are loaded with fiber to aid with digestion. In fact, adzuki has been dubbed the “weight loss” bean because it is rich in soluble fibers, low in calories and contains vital nutrients such as potassium, iron, manganese, niacin and zinc. Both lentils and adzuki beans help reduce LDL cholesterol in the blood, improving the heart’s health.


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  1. About millet/quinoa:
    Complex sugars(starch), not simple sugars(glucose, fructose) help to regulate the blood sugar and offer a long lasting energy source. And yes, they contain complex sugars.

    Millet contains a high ammount of silica which helps to protect hair and nails from breaking.

    Also Maca is not a superfruit, just like carrots are not fruits.

  2. If I recall right, maca is a root—and should not be eaten raw. Otherwise, not a bad list.

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