Chipotle’s new commercial debuted to mostly positive reviews, as the fastest growing fast-food joint in America looks to rebrand itself as a leader in sustainable business practices.

Lots of farm-to-table images and vegetarian sensibilities litter the three-minute mini-movie. Chipotle definitely wants to distance itself from the explosion of internet videos and documentaries that have exposed the cruel practices of most animal farms within the American food industry. Additionally, as with most fast-food giants, Chipotle needed to respond to the growing concern of parents over childhood obesity.

Aside from what the multi-million dollar production purports, Chipotle still has a little ways to go to live up to its lofty aims. As of today, Chipotle is not a vegetarian restaurant, is not GMO-free, and is not locally sourced.

Take a look for yourself and tell us what you think of Chipotle’s newest rebranding …

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  1. A very good ad. I rarely eat or crave fast food. If I want something that is “Fast foodish” I it’s homemade with natural and organic ingredients. Hey, it’s the way to be safe in this chemical-zed drug-infested world.

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