Ask pretty much any man around and he’ll tell you one of his favorite features on a woman would hands down be her err … assets. Most men love a woman with a little milkshake, a booty, some junk in her trunk; they think it’s appealing, sexy and visually stimulating. But what about junk in the trunk on a man?

Rarely, if ever do you hear women commenting on a man’s backyard and if you do here them mention it, said man is usually the star player on a football team. But in regular everyday life? I hear women mention eyes, smiles, height and feet on their list of things that they find attractive about men, but a nice firm phatty has never made it on the list.

Now there’s nothing wrong with a man having a little junk, I’d rather him have a little than none at all. However, when it comes to attributes I want my man to have, that is something I can live without. There’s only room for one stacked like IHOP pancakes ass in a relationship and I’m not trying to compete with my man for the crown.

On a woman, booty creates a curvy shape, gives a woman sex appeal and helps define her femininity … on a man it’s just a bit weird. So while I wouldn’t mind my honey having a lil something, him having actually junk in the trunk would be a bit of a turn off. What do you think …

Do you like men with a little junk in the trunk?

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  1. I honestly don’t know how I feel about that but I do know I like it when have form butts. Jiggly booties are a turn off

  2. i find that a lot of black men, esp if they work out have nice round firm asses and they look sexy as hell in slacks. i like a man with a firm round ass, not a donk, but not a pancake.

  3. When it comes to the bedroom most women will not even see the junk trunk. If they do then they are either doing it wrong or really kinky in which case they are doing it right.
    But in the end (see what I did there) why does it matter? Reverse the sexes and we are having a conversation that would lead me to call the participants chauvinist shallow human beings.
    Physical beauty standards are often based on racial and gender stereotypes which do not take into account the gorgeous unique gift that every body is let alone the fact that these unique traits are predetermined by genetics and currently unalterable without undergoing painful and expensive surgery.
    If my man’s ass happens to be more banging then mine so be it. As long as he is not an ass himself we will get along (in and outta bed) just fine.

  4. I like that tight little firm booty that looks oh so sexy in jeans, the grandma butt some of my male coworkers switch up the hallway with is not so much my cup of tea.

  5. I like it! Now a man with hips is another story.

  6. Hate it… every dude that works out don’t have a bubble or onion ass = round and sitting on his back, let alone like this dude in this photo, smh. I don’t like big asses on men, super no bueno!!!!!

  7. Maybe it’s just me, but I love a man with a nice firm behind. I don’t like hips, but I can appreciate a firm man booty.

  8. I love a back side, but I’m also a big fan of thighs on a man so I notice what they lead too..

  9. Firm athletic A$$ is ok, but there is nothing worse then a man with hips, donk, or needs a girdle more then I do…

  10. He doesn’t need to have a donk but I can definitely appreciate a man with a nice behind. If he has hips…all bets are off. And that pic is quite suspect.

  11. definitely a fan of the firmness… the pic above, not so much

  12. Junk is never is good but muscles and firmness is always welcome. Flabby butts are kinda yuck but I can do it to. Boy in the pic is fine

  13. I don’t like a man with a big butt. If I had to choose, I would go for the athletic baseball butt type.

  14. I like a small, tight/toned, slightly rounded butt on a man.

  15. YES! Love men with some junk in the trunk.

  16. My husband has an impressive posterior. I tease him about it. Nothing wrong with a firm, high behind.
    Now a question, Why do folks feel compelled to comment on the model’s sexuality? Suspect? That’s super rude.

  17. LOL. Do none of you all know who that is in that shot? It might be “shopped”, but that’s Tyson Beckford with that junk, that is.

  18. Am I the only one who thinks that picture is sexy!? Nevermind, who cares what you all think 😉

  19. Ain’t butting wrong with a man having a nice round firm ass you botched just can’t handle the competition.

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