The most recently added to the list of superfoods is the dark green leafy vegetable. It is loaded with iron, vitamin K (which helps prevents blood clotting and reported to help those suffering from Alzheimer’s). This veggie is rich in fiber, low calorie and zero fat.

It’s also anti-inflammatory, supports heart health by lowering cholesterol levels. Wait, wait… there’s more — it also helps improve vision, helps boost the immune system and metabolism and rich in calcium.


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  1. About millet/quinoa:
    Complex sugars(starch), not simple sugars(glucose, fructose) help to regulate the blood sugar and offer a long lasting energy source. And yes, they contain complex sugars.

    Millet contains a high ammount of silica which helps to protect hair and nails from breaking.

    Also Maca is not a superfruit, just like carrots are not fruits.

  2. If I recall right, maca is a root—and should not be eaten raw. Otherwise, not a bad list.

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