People love Serena Williams’ body, white people in particular. Case in point, in a Venus Hottentot redux, Dannish tennis star Caroline Wozniacki thought stuffing her sports bra and panties with towels would be a funny way to mock Serena, who is 5-1 all-time versus the 22 year-old “Woz.”

According to Larry Brown Sports, this is the second time in as many years that Woz has busted out her Serena impression. In December 2011, she stuffed her clothes while dancing on the court to a Rihanna song.

Serena has been mocked by a few different tennis stars in past years, as Andy Roddick and Novak Djokovic have poked fun at the Compton, California star, both calling attention to Serena’s voluptuous body.

No one in any of the videos seems to have a problem with the jokes at the time, but many critics have harshly criticized Wozniacki, calling her joke racist and in poor taste.

Even more interesting is the fact that Roddick, when making fun of Maria Sharapova, who is just as sexualized in the media for her grunting as Serena is for her body, chose to mock the Russian’s mannerisms without the use of towels.

I tend to agree with USA Today’s Chris Chase, who wrote: “If you’re going to be Serena, hit your return with ferocity and glare at a linesperson.”

What do you think? Is this harmless fun or lowbrow humor?

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  1. Poor taste, but when you’re the best, haters always come after you.

    • @Afrodiva: Poor taste indeed. This is ridiculous!

    • For those of you ignorant enough to think Serena is the “best tennis player in history”:

      Thru Wimbledon 2013:

      Player: Major Wins, Titles, Weeks at #1, Match Wins

      Graf: 22, 107, 377, 900
      Navratilova: 18, 167, 332, 1442
      Evert: 18, 154, 260, 1304
      S Williams: 16, 53, 142, 598

      * Graf competed in Slams for 17 years (won 22 of 56) with a win-loss of 282-34

      * Navratilova competed in Slams for 23 years (won 18 of 67) with an overall win-loss of 306-49

      * Evert competed in Slams for 19 years (won 18 of 56)

      * Williams has competed in Slams for 16 years (won 16 of 51) with an overall win-loss of 236-35

      So Williams has competed a couple of years less, has a few less slams, has half to one-third the titles, half the time at #1, and half the match wins?

      It’s not even close. The hideous sore-loser Williams is a pretender compared to Graf, Navratilova and Evert. She will never catch those greats.

      • All those people are retired. You sound silly. Serena is still in her prime. You will eat your words. I hope you choke!

      • HATER!!!!! It’s okay, you could be great as well if you applied yourself.

      • Who’s the sore one now…”she’ll never catch those greats”..what a clown you are

      • don’t matter who’s the best, it still dose not give her the right to mock her. because if it was the other way there would be a problem. she would be racist and it’s not fair she did that and every on laughing. I don’t think it’s right nor is gene 12345.

  2. Agreed. I find it distasteful, and second the point that if you REALLY want to mimic Ms S, be a champion!!!

  3. This is very poor taste. I guess since she is the best at her craft, other areas are sort after as a attempt to degrade her. smh…

  4. The envied will always be mocked, judged, hated and criticized by those who are inherently inferior to them. Serena has created her legacy by beating insecure players like her. The Williams’ sisters have endured the worst throughout their careers which has made them better than does who envy their athletic superiority on the courts.

  5. This is plain tacky and poor taste but it isn’t surprising look at the sport and the people in the audience. If the only thing you can mock her on is her body than they need to get their life and find out how to be on her level because at the end of the day she stay winning!

  6. Absolutely in poor taste, but perfectly in line with the way Whites have viewed Black bodies historically. They don’t ever quit.

  7. Why’s everything gotta be racist?! She got a big booty and that’s an identifying factor. Big deal. Doesn’t mean she’s being mean or racial. Just the same with Anna Nicole’s breast. Big deal. People turn every little thing into something racial. Get over it and do something positive with your time.

  8. People have been mocked for centuries. This is not racism this is mockery. If this is the case
    (racist ) then SNL would be off the air, and most comedians would not have any material. It is a joke people lighten up. I am black and do not see any thing racist about this.

  9. I think it is funny. People over there have a dark sense of humor…….something we Americans just don’t get unless we are well traveled or read a lot.

    In other words……they don’t act nice over there. They really keep it real.

  10. Poor judgement yes, racist is reaching. She didn’t dress in blackface and not every black woman is well endowed in those particular areas she decided to stuff. It was a joke, but not a good one considering our racist society and history. It was a mockery of Serena’s body not an attack on black women’s body type. I’m not defending her actions, just don’t think it was racist.

  11. If you attract haters, you know you’re winning !

  12. I dont think it’s racist it’s just in very poor taste. I cant believe they stopped in the middle of their match to take time out for it. Having large breast and a big rump will never be a flaws..Serena will have the last laugh b/c of her 15 slams and 1 gold medal..

  13. I think the whole thing is funny. The lady was not on the court but was still the center of attention. Folks who call foul and racist, need to get over themselves. I guess that is tennis idea of a roast. But then again, the imitators could be sending a message to their opponents — “I am going to open a can of Venus … on your tail.”

  14. Have great body is never a bad thing. Venus is beautiful in every way. They always will hate on us because many of us have the beautiful curves.

  15. How is this distasteful or offensive when that man-looking beast is always flaunting her “ASSets?”

  16. I’m more amused than put-off (as Serena should be) because Miss Caroline is So Transparent in her envy of Serena. They say that when you’re hating on someone, NEVER let them know that you’re hating on them. Miss Caroline just advertised to the www “I’m insanely jealous of Serena Williams; a world-renowned tennis champion who is, coincidentally, way more stacked than I’ll ever be!”

  17. @Berlin – I can understand the history reported and the facts it brings, but I do not see how this makes it a racial issue. It is what it is. If she, or anyone, has a big booty, big deal. Back in the day, before our time, it may have been looked down upon bc it was different. Very rare in the European culture. We’ve come a long way, stop taking it back. Move forward with the best of us. Not holding on to bs outlooks from the past. You want to get through it or keep rehashing the past? It was an identifying factor, not racist, not made up just bc she’s black, just being silly. If another black girl or an Asian had done it, would it be as bad?

    • @Me: Clearly, you’ve missed the point. You act as if her butt is just some random, spontaneous bodily characteristic that could just as easily belong to anyone else. But, I can assure you, it is not. It is just as much a part of her racial and ethnic heritage as her brown skin, or her flat feet, or her broad nose, or her kinky curly hair (when it’s not being relaxed). I’m not merely reducing her to these basic physical characteristics here, but instead trying to point out how these features differ from the oppressive and hegemonic Eurocentric bodily standards that are imposed onto all people in Western society. Whereas in Black culture these attributes often exist as the norm for any given female, in white culture they are the exception. And as a result, they become a site of exoticization, and, inevitably, discrimination for the individual under scrutiny.

      You say “we’ve come a long way”, but somehow I doubt you’re forced to exist with realities that might point out otherwise. Contrary to what most of my white middle-class liberal friends will tell you, we do NOT live in a “post-racial” society. Oppression does not just fade away over time; that is jejune and simplistic. It changes face, changes makeup and clothes, and finds some new, more subversive way to come slap you in the face. Maybe you should go learn a little about structural racism, its various manifestations in modern culture, and how you’re perpetuating it before you go and accuse others of “rehashing the past”.

  18. well this is what i told one girl had you not starved your ass and tit’s off you could possibly pass as female being in any sport is hard for women because other women are just assholes plain and simple

  19. I find it distasteful and disrespectful. Its a cry for attention but not good attention. She obviously admires Serena beneath it all. Serena has a gorgeous body and her accomplishments are unmatched!

    • Well… unmatched except for Graf, Evert and Navratilova. Oh, and Margaret Court, oh yeah and BJK even? Otherwise yeah, totally unmatched!

  20. i Have always attracted haters, point is ignorance is bliss. No matter where your from.

  21. Kwende Idrissa Madu

    Does it matter? Serena is a CHAMPION while these clowns have never won anything

  22. Wow, great post. I think it’s racist. It’s one thing to mock Serena’s mannerisms, like Djokovic has mocked Nadal’s picking at his shorts, or Maria Sharapova brushing back her hair when she’s getting ready to serve. But to make fun of Serena’s physical attributes — especially her breasts and butt — is racially motivated and mean-spirited. Mock her fist pumps and her “Come ONs!!” but don’t make fun of her body. Admire it. It’s gorgeous and awesome and strong.

  23. I’m sure the tennis players involved and some of the people in attendance thought the mocking was harmless and funny, but women have been battling body issues for a long time and to have another woman play on those issues for laughs at another woman’s expense is sad. Today it’s Serena’s curves, tomorrow it may be Anne Hathaway’s lean frame. At least these women seem to be strong enough to ignore or deflect the critiques. But what about when it’s your child or your sister? Would the mocking still be funny?

  24. This isn’t fascist in my opinion. Serena bangs on about her body in a positive way and refers to herself as a fashion guru and a diva. Basically she’s asking to be made a figure of fun.

    Black people need to move on and remove both chips from their shoulders. Almost every race and religion of people have been persecuted throughout the years. Unfortunately this appears to be human nature and hslistory is littered with atrocities. Black people still refer to each other by using “the ‘N’ word”. Pretty pathetic.

  25. You people are so serious?

  26. Serena herself defended this young lady and said that she was her “friend and knows she meant no harm by it, but since everyone else took so much offense to it, “Caro” (that’s what she calls her friend) should do something different next time”. One day we will be able to accept a friendly poke as what it is…fun, and not be so insecure as to think everything is an issue of race. Big booties and big boobies cannot be racist. Serena does not have those issues of insecurity, so tell me…why do you??

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