Superfoods are all-natural, whole foods that pack a lot of nutrients (some of which are nutrients we need but do not produce ourselves) and are low in calories. Many of these foods are grown all across the world. We’ve compiled a list of superfoods that are good for your health and promote radiant beauty.

You’ve heard it time and time again, and the saying “beauty starts from within” still rings true. Certainly, there are far more than 10 superfoods grown in the earth, but here’s a jump start on some of the world’s most nutrient-rich foods that will help improve your health and your looks.


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  1. About millet/quinoa:
    Complex sugars(starch), not simple sugars(glucose, fructose) help to regulate the blood sugar and offer a long lasting energy source. And yes, they contain complex sugars.

    Millet contains a high ammount of silica which helps to protect hair and nails from breaking.

    Also Maca is not a superfruit, just like carrots are not fruits.

  2. If I recall right, maca is a root—and should not be eaten raw. Otherwise, not a bad list.

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