7. Dance

Zumba is huge. Hip hop fitness classes are all the rage. Dancing With the Stars is the new national pastime. But while I think dancing is a riot and will do it anytime anyplace, some people find dancing hugely intimidating. Whether it’s the choreography, the music or the feeling that everyone is staring at you (they’re not looking at you, they’re looking at your gold leotard!), some people hate any kind of workout that includes dancing. If that’s you, there’s no shame in steering clear! Although if you get dragged into the Cha Cha Slide at a party I can’t help you.

If you do decide to try it: Go more than once!! Dance workouts are generally choreographed and while it looks like everyone else instinctively knows what to do next it’s really because they’ve been practicing for weeks. Everyone hates a dance workout the first time they try it because they look like a total spaz doing The Elaine while everyone else is doing The Dougie.

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  2. Great list. What about dunking a basketball. Drag racing. Anything that has to do with kegels

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