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Twerking is a healthy way for folks to get in shape. Don’t believe me, huh? Dancer, dance-fitness pro, and the creator of Hip Brazil Dance and Fitness, Vanessa Isaac said that “twerking” is good for cardio and also muscle toning.

“For what I see this can be very good cardio, and the fact that you work your legs, hips, and waist can help in the toning of muscles in this area too,” says Issac.

Since Miley Cyrus officially became the Elvis Presley of twerking, we’d like to pay homage to the woman allegedly behind Hanna Montana’s white cheeks gyrating all over MTV Music Awards.

According to In Touch, Miley owes all her skills to West Hollywood burlesques dancer “Amazon” Ashley Adair, a 6-foot-7 beautiful black woman.

“We didn’t think people would be talking about it on CNN,” Ashley tells In Touch in regards to the backlash. The friends met when Miley was spotted by Ashley in the audience of Beacher’s Madhouse, a Hollywood nightclub known for its wild entertainment acts and celebrity regulars. The women struck up an unlikely friendship and Miley requested a tutorial on twerking.

“She’s taken it to a whole new level,” Ashley gushes. “The student has become the teacher!” Miley is so grateful to her mentor, she gave Ashley a cameo in her “We Can’t Stop” video, and invited her to take part in the infamous VMA appearance.

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  1. Check out the talented and sexy Amazon Ashley in the new video “Sweet Revenge!”

  2. the only thing i care about is the government shut down twerking is like the last thing i truly care about right now

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