9. Throw up

Blowing chunks has become a badge of honor in some workout circles – puke buckets next to the squat rack, anyone? – but pushing yourself until you vomit, faint, or collapse really means you’ve pushed too hard. Working out hard can be great but there’s no added health benefits (and some distinct health detriments) in pushing yourself to the point of puking. Yes, I’ve done this and I’ve learned the hard way that it’s nothing to be proud of.

If you do decide to try it: Just don’t. And if you thought I meant bulimia, don’t do that either. Although if you do want your own lane in a crowded lap pool, just dry heave a few times and you’ll be flying solo in no time!

10. Share your running playlist on Facebook

First, it’s kinda boring. While I love getting a song recommendation from a friend, I do not care to see all 100 songs on your 80′s tribute list (set to 165 bpm). Second, it opens you up to a panoply of ridicule. I love that you love Neil Diamond. In fact, I love it so much that I will now sing “Forever in Blue Jeans” every single time I see you. Seriously though, music taste is so individual. I’ve never seen anyone look at someone else’s playlist and shriek “You are a genius! I must have this!”.

If you do decide to try it: Mess with people’s heads! Throw in some Marilyn Manson right next to the Cookie Monster song. Have every song title include the word death. Do Christmas songs in April. Come on, this is your chance to really weird people out!!

So, your turn! What do you think should be taken off the “must-do” fitness lists?? Do you disagree with anything on my list?

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  2. Great list. What about dunking a basketball. Drag racing. Anything that has to do with kegels

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