2. Run a marathon

If running is considered the ultimate exercise then running a marathon is the ultimate exercise goal. But running 26.2 miles isn’t for everyone. What a lot of beginning runners don’t understand (and I certainly didn’t) is that running a marathon isn’t to get you in shape but rather you need to be in shape to run a marathon. Aside from the fact that training for one often makes people more hungry and thereby stalls or slows weight loss goals; your bones, joints and especially heart take a serious beating. More is not always better and you don’t need hours of high-impact cardio to be healthy and fit.

If you do decide to try it: It’s a rush, no doubt about it! And if running long distances is your passion then get a realistic training plan and go for it. I’ve found it very helpful to find a running group or a running partner with marathon experience to help navigate all the ins and outs of training for running for 4+ hours.

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