3. Get a Brazilian wax (Boys, close your eyes)

Someone somewhere just spit their coffee out all over their keyboard. But I can’t even tell you how many gym convos I’ve had with random women about grooming their nethers. What you do with your lady landscaping is a very personal preference but there are a lot of fitness people that preach bare is better. I’ve heard reasons ranging from it’s more hygienic to it’s less sweaty to it just looking better in tight spandex pants, swimsuits or booty shorts. However, this may be one of those things that you don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone. (And now you’ll always associate Cinderella with pubes. You’re welcome.) I’m not going to go into a ton of detail but for me the pain was not worth the supposed benefits. (And research has shown that the little tears created make you more susceptible to infection right after.) There are so many options between Africa and Brazil – just consider them before pulling out the wax.

If you do decide to try it: Go to a licensed pro (as my college roommate who literally glued her butt together can tell you), check your modesty at the door and plan on some serious upkeep because growing it back in is a nightmare.

4. Pound a wheatgrass shot

Wheatgrass juice shots, staple of fitness diehards since the 60′s, have only middling health benefits (and nothing you can’t get from other sources) and one big downside: the “cleansing effect”. As in, major blowout in the bathroom. While it didn’t quite have this effect on me the taste was unpleasant enough, the price was high enough (those suckers are pricey!) and the research ambiguous enough that I have opted to never repeat the experience.

If you do decide to try it: Use fresh as the vitamins break down quickly, take it on an empty stomach and start with no more than 3 oz at a time.

5. Wear a leotard

I’m going to be perfectly honest: I wish leotards and their ungainly twin, the unitard, would make a comeback. It’s not that I don’t love being able to pee at will but if you’ve ever worked out in a leo, then you’ll know they’re not only pretty comfy but they have a nice way of holding everything in and reducing jiggle. Plus you don’t have to worry about the “windowshade effect” where your top rolls up and your pants slip down – usually while you’re sprinting on the treadmill. That said, Jane Fonda costumes aside, you never have to wear a leo. Nor is it required of you to wear spandex at all! Lots of people workout quite happily in non-traditional workout attire. If you’re comfortable in it and it covers your bits, you’re golden.

If you do decide to try it: Go big or go home! And then send me a picture! I have leotards in gold lamé, pink paillettes, and neon and black sequins among others. Another option that I’ve seen some women do is to wear them underneath your regular Lulus, kind of like Spanx.

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