8. Go Vegan/Go Paleo

I’m going to step on a whole bunch of toes right now but I don’t think you have to go on an extreme elimination diet to be healthy. Can going Vegan or Paleo/Primal improve your health? Sure. I know lots of people who swear by both diets (and that’s a convo for another day). But too often I see people decide to Get! Healthy! and start by doing a juice cleanse or a 30-day raw challenge or dropping all carbs. Sometimes this jump starts people’s health journey but often it just jump starts them into yo-yo dieting and the shame spiral.

If you do decide to try it: There’s nothing wrong with wanting to eat vegan or paleo but get educated! Don’t just drink the Kool-Aid of whoever is selling the diet. Read books, talk to people, look up research. Also, making dietary changes works better for many people if you do them gradually. I’m convinced that everyone can be a scientist of their own body so listen closely to what it is telling you and eat the way that makes you feel the best!

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