Bucket lists are as popular these days as prison tattoos and while I love the idea of having goals and dreaming big, just because something is on The List doesn’t mean it’s a Good Idea. So here are 10 things that in my opinion are overhyped in the fitness world and while I always encourage experimenting, feel free to scratch these off your bucket list with no guilt.

(And now the part where I confess. First: I have done every single one of these things. And I’m not sorry I did. So if you love these things I’m not telling you to quit them or that they’re bad – with the exception of #9 – but rather that if you never do these things, you can still be a fitness nerd in good standing!)

1. Max Squat

This gave me hemorrhoids. Yes, I said it. And I’m not the only one. If you are a competitive weight lifter then it’s important for you to know your 1-rep max (the absolute heaviest you can do with good form) on a variety of lifts. For the rest of us it’s just bragging rights and I can tell you from personal (painful) experience that winning the water cooler wars pales next to being able to sit comfortably. Squat heavy, certainly, but there’s just no need bust your butt (literally) for an arbitrary number.

If you do decide to try it: Make sure you have good spotters and use a squat rack. Good form is paramount. Also, train up to it. Back-squatting 1.5 times your body weight is not something you just do on a whim.

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  2. Great list. What about dunking a basketball. Drag racing. Anything that has to do with kegels

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