Ex-Saints coach, Greg Williams, was suspended indefinitely after it was discovered that he instituted a bounty system. The players were paid an extra $1,500 for getting a player on the opposing team out of the game with a serious injury. No one was sure about exactly how Williams told his players to go about inflicting these injuries, but what was revealed on these tapes is shocking in nature.

“Little 32, we want to knock the (expletive) out of him,” Williams is heard telling his players in a profanity-laced speech to his defensive players the night before the Saints lost a playoff game to the San Francisco 49ers last January.

“We’ve got to make sure we do everything in the world to make sure we kill Frank Gore’s head. We need to decide on how many times we can meet Frank Gore’s head,” Williams is heard saying.

“We need to decide how many times we can bull rush and we can (expletive) clip Vernon Davis’s ankles over the pile,” Williams is heard saying.

“He becomes human when you (expletive) take out that outside ACL,” Williams says in reference to Wide receiver Michael Crabtree.

“That little wide receiver (Kyle Williams), number 10, about his concussion. We need to (expletive) put a lick on him right now,” Williams says on the tape.

The tapes were submitted by film maker, Sean Pamphilon. He followed the Saints around last year for a documentary on U.S. football. These tapes prove that Williams received the proper punishment that he deserved.


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  1. Okay…can we please get over the over-the-top dramatizing about football coaches encouraging their players to whack the crap out of somebody? People, this has been going on for years from the high school through the pro level and we all darn well know it. Now, all of sudden, everyone’s got religion about it and can’t stop telling everyone, everyday, how appalled they are. Please.

    The guy who sold the tape wasn’t too to concerned about it UNTIL AFTER the crap hit the fan. He saw he could capitalize on the whole mess and did so. Anybody remember the Raiders players back from when they had a real team? Those guys took people out every week and we’re damn proud of it. And anybody out there who thinks the Saints coaching staff invented “bounty hunting” in football obviously hasn’t got a real good grasp on the history of football.

    So now we have coaches being made out to be the worse thing since Charles Manson and severe suspensions handed down that we don’t even see in most NFL felony-related cases or in most illegal substances cases involving players which is part of what makes this new hysteria so hard to understand…obviously the 2012 political race, the current sad state of cultural affairs in the world, horrendous budget cuts, wasteful and destructive wars, declining US educational standards, rampant discrimation and rascism and fighting for decent health care just don’t give us enough really important things to focus on.

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