One of the best family bonding activities during Easter is coloring Easter eggs. Artificial dyes have been traditionally used, but this year natural egg dyes are the way to go.

Jenny Turknett from Food and More blog suggests using the below foods and adding water:

  • Red onion skins (eggs cooked in water with the onion skins) — brown
  • Turmeric — yellow
  • Sliced beets — pink
  • Chopped red cabbage — pale purple
  • Mashed blueberries — vibrant blue
  • Sliced carrots — supposed to be orange
  • Lemon rind — supposed to be yellow
  • Spinach — supposed to be green, turned out pale grey/tan

The end result of using these natural foods is that the colors of the eggs came out brighter and more beautiful than when dyed with artificial colors.

Give natural dying a try to liven up your Easter egg basket.

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