Tart cherry juice

Inflammation is the scourge of muscles, causing pain and swelling and hindering performance in your next workout. Ease that affliction with cherries. They’re rich in polyphenolic compounds-namely flavanoids and anthyocyanins-that are shown to decrease inflammation. In fact, when athletes consumed a cherry concentrate daily for seven days before and two days after a strength-training workout, their muscles recovered faster, U.K. researchers reported. Find tart cherry juice at your local grocer and drink it in place of your morning OJ.

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  1. The tart cherry juice trick is good for more than just the after-workout pains. I’ve used it to mute the pain from a damaged nerve chunk (CRPS) and after two weeks it’s down to hurting only when inclement weather blows in. The ginger tip is another good one. For those with delicate stomachs, it can be taken in capsules.

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