In the random news of the day, Kate Upton, one of most beautiful models I’ve seen recently, has suddenly become the poster child for fat. If the mere thought of that doesn’t seem to make any sense, it’s because it’s outright ridiculous.

I talked about the “thinspiration” movement the recent article about the Tumblr and Pinterest Thinspo Ban. But since then Upton has been called everything but the child of God on various pro-anorexia websites around the web. Upton was seen sashaying down the runway of a beach bunny show last week in Miami during swimwear week. And unless my eyes are suddenly deceiving me, Upton’s body looked fantastic. In fact, she looked healthy and radiant.

In fact, for much of her modeling career, she has sported a healthy frame that seems to have gotten her many gigs, including the cover of Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. But for some reason, jealousy and self-hatred have gone hand in hand with the modeling industry for years, and girls who are skinny to the point of anorexia feel the need to bash Upton’s weight, as though her body it’s abnormal.

What do you think of Kate Upton and the criticism that she is facing?

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  1. She looks amazing..

  2. This is hella foolish. She is thin in pictures and we all know it puts weight on people. How skinny do they want her to be. Kate Moss had to pick up a coke habit just to meet the standards set by that industry. This is how it starts

  3. DUMB *Google her Interviews* but not fat

  4. she’s ugly to me. she is just like every other blonde haired blue eyed white girl but with a hampster face. BHBE is such a burned out look.

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