Fitspiration: Common

by — Jun 5, 2012

Gushing about how positive thinking is the foundation of his chiseled physique, everyone’s favorite pescatarian, rapper and actor Common recently sat down and spoke to Men’s Fitness about the key to his newfound mainstream success.

Many of Common’s admirers were pleasantly surprised to see the two-time Grammy award winner shirtless alongside fellow rapper turned actor Queen Latifah in the popular romantic comedy Just Wright.

But the South Side Chicago native emphasized that it has been a long rode from eating junk food and valorizing alcoholism on his 1994 debut album Resurrection to embracing a vegan lifestyle with his then-girlfriend Erykah Badu to where he is now:

“When I came into the game, I wasn’t working out. I was eating a lot and drinking a lot of beer,” he recounts to Men’s Fitness. “Now I am definitely more fit and more focused.”

Being in the spotlight for over twenty years, Common’s transitions are well-documented, but his current manifestation seems to have him in a zone that defies all the stereotypes about black men and health and wellness.

Training and living in Los Angeles, Common says he experiences the rewards of committing himself to a consistent workout regimen:

“When you work out and eat well, then you feel more confident, more vibrant, and your mind is clearer, too.”

And he needs all the energy he can get for Common is as busy as he has ever been. From last year’s press tour for his book, One Day It’ll All Make Sense, to current live performances of his critically acclaimed ninth album, The Dreamer/The Believer, Common is a great example of what one can accomplish while eating healthy and working out regularly.

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  1. I am a big fan of Common! Love that healthy lifestyle, those poppin’ muscles, that smile and his positive vibes! Of course, I really loved his performance in ” Just Wright”. He was just right!!

  2. Love Common and love the post. Starting on my vegan journey…tough but I feel better.

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