Looks like Red Man and Method Man have become fans of a new kind of green. The hip-hop super stars have recently announced that they have traded in their steaks for vegetables.

After years of pressure from rap colleague GZA who’s been a connoisseur of greens for years, both Redman and Method Man have taken the plunge in becoming vegetarians.

The dynamic duo joins a list of hip hop industry moguls leading vegetarian lifestyles, including: Russell Simmons (vegan), Yassin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def), Andre 3000, and Common.

With more hip hop industry notables declaring a personal war on their health by switching to a non-meat diet, will this uprising inspire others in the industry to visit the salad bar a little more often? We can only hope their influence will trickle down to the fans that follow them.

Another notable move towards healthier eating, rapper Fat Joe recently went on a public health crusade after losing 100 pounds. Inspired by the loss of his close friend and late rapper Big Pun who died from a heart attack in 2000, Joe, 6 foot and at the time 460 pounds, decided it was time to take back his life.

By exercising regularly and limiting his meat consumption he was able to eliminate his issues with diabetes. The rapper recently spoke at Rutgers University about his weight loss and is a big supporter of First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign.

Are you inspired by hip-hop’s new attitude to adopt a healthier diet and lifestyle?

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  1. Um meat doesn’t contribute to diabetes. He only needed to cut out sugar and grainy carbs. They cause disease and inflammation. I guess overall if he started eating more veggies it probably cut that stuff out but he didn’t get out of trouble with diabetes by not eating meat. It was a bonus. People who only eat meat don’t get diabetes either.

    • @Isa:

      red meat is linked to diabetes as is dairy.

      Isolated sugar and carbs like soft drinks and polished rice are problematic, but natural sugars and starches in a wholesome compound like fruits and brown rice, are not a problem for diabetes type 2 and a diet with wholesome sugars and starches can even reverse diabetes type2.

      For example, polished rice and parboiled rice have the same ammount of starch and fibre, but parboiled has more vitamins and minerals and a lower glycaemic index…

      Brown rice has an even lower glycaemix index..and now guess where sodas are?

  2. All I know is that Red Man used to give the best shows in the mid 90s… Man those were good times. Like a hip hop rock concert.

  3. Hip Hop is growing up!

  4. Lol meth vegetarian ……no way I don’t be-leave that

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