Rev. Al Sharpton

Reverend Sharpton made the decision to give up meat after overhauling his diet following a 40-day hunger strike while in jail for the Vieques [military bombing practice] protest as told to PETA. He says, “I dabbled with weight loss ideas, wanting to keep off the pounds I lost. First, I gave up red meat, then chicken. I ran into Bill Clinton, who told me how he has more energy, needs less sleep and can think more clearly since going vegan, and I can tell you the same thing happened to me.” He also goes on to state that he keeps in mind the words of another vegetarian friend—Coretta Scott King—who always spoke of the ethical reasons to give up meat.

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  1. This is amazing – and they look all much younger than 20 years ago! I’m veg since 40 years and at 60 I feel like 20 and i don’t need glasses!!!

    frugivoremag is a super cool website!!! Thank you!

    Siraganda from France

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