Persia White

Many remember her as one part of the “Girlfriends” cast, but she is also a vegan and animal rights advocate. I remember her lifestyle even translating on the show where her character followed the same lifestyle as well. White also co-produced the award-winning documentary Earthlings, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix.

While it can be helpful and inspiring to see public figures or celebrities embracing the veg lifestyle, please remember that one should enter into it being prepared and educated. Choose this way of eating for personal and definitive reasons in order to enjoy all of the benefits!

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  1. This is amazing – and they look all much younger than 20 years ago! I’m veg since 40 years and at 60 I feel like 20 and i don’t need glasses!!!

    frugivoremag is a super cool website!!! Thank you!

    Siraganda from France

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