Apryl Michelle Brown was always teased about her flat butt, sometimes referred to as a “pancake” booty by her friends and family. In November’s Essence, she recounts her story on how she wanted to have a larger behind. Eventually she saved up enough money, but her story doesn’t necessarily have a good ending.  “I didn’t know if I wanted to look like Janet Jackson or J. Lo., I just wanted a new, bigger booty.”

Unfortunately this quest for a bigger booty has left Brown without her legs and arms. In 2004, Brown, didn’t go to a plastic surgeon, but instead she found an unlicensed person to inject industrial-grade silicone into her behind.

According to Brown, she doesn’t remember how much she paid for the injections, but eventually the area of injection became irritated and painful. Two years later, the silicone hardened and caused her to have an infection. The infections eventually got so bad, she had to have her limbs amputated. In Essence, she warns women about the hazards of pumping parties.  “I was left here for a purpose,” she says. “I have to get the word out so that nobody else makes this choice.”

Brown isn’t the only one to have adverse side effects after having silicone illegally injected. Padge Gordon, a Philadelphia woman known as “the Black Madam,” injected Claudia Aderotimi with silicone to enlarge her butt and then sealed the wounds with Krazy Glue, according to authorities and new witness testimony describing the incident. According to the LA Times, since 2002, authorities across the country have investigated more than a dozen deaths related to illegal buttocks injections.

Eight people were convicted of practicing medicine without a license or similar offenses. Two others were convicted of negligent homicide or manslaughter.

As more women strive for bigger assets at a cheaper price, more of these ‘pump shops’ will show up. And unfortunately more tragic stories will also happen. A larger butt definitely isn’t worth a life or limbs.

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  1. ^^^You need more to do

  2. I used to be told that I had a pancake booty, white girl booty, etc. etc however I have not gotten any surgical procedures done to correct something that is not mistak. If we don’t learn to I’ve the middle finger to people for trivial matters, it could lead to low self-esteem.

  3. But umm, I think there’s a bigger point.. I don’t know, but I think so. O_o

    So yeah, I had a butt like a white girl from the 80’s too. Always said I wanted a “ghetto booty”. However, I NEVER would imagine surgery or injections for that. Anyway, regular trips to the gym and hitting them squats give you nice, good, NATURAL results.

    Peace and health…

  4. Lasaundra Watson-Legate

    This woman is suffering from a self inflicted wound. No one can protect you from your own vanity, stupidity and greed. What part of “unlicensed” is unclear. How could anyone allow “industrial” grade anything be pumped into their body? How could you not know who was “treating” you and what was being used? I grieve for this woman but, she chose her own poison.

    • Judgmental much? Pretty sure she understands that. She said that she wants to help others not to make the same foolish mistake.

    • @Lasaundra Watson-Legate:How could u be so judgemental over some one loseing their arms and legs. She is trying to help those who might travel down the same road,and i thank her for her story. The last thing i would do as a Black woman is kick some one when they are down. My prayers are with her.

  5. @Seriously: Doesn’t take away from the validity of the topic though…these illegal injections are definitely happening more and more. It’s such a shame that women are assaulted socially when it comes to looks and perceptions of beauty, as well as being assaulted politically when it comes to our health choices and rights.

  6. Such a shame… learn to be happy with yourself. I don’t see black men with small penises getting injections. This woman lost her limbs… but she lost her self esteem long before that!

  7. This is self hatred at it’s deepest level. Wow, to be given a perfectly healthy fully functioning temple and decide to renovate and “upgrade” it AND AT A BUDGET PRICE is just a slap in the face of God. I’ve worked with many women dealing with body hatred and weight issues but this is a jaw dropper. I just hope her pain serves to bless many others by warning and even scaring them away from a decision like this. I’m so happy to read her quote about being left here for a purpose. Pain with a purpose always leads to greater things.

  8. its sad what has happened to this lady, but we should not be so judgemental of her mistakes, which she already aknowledges and is making positve moves to help others, somethingtoo many of us dont do we too busy chatting others to see the error in our own waysour ownshortfalls, in society these days most people have a problem with something or other, and yes if it makes you ill and if you can save and fix it, to increase your quality of life then why not.

    we in fact should have a higher level of empathy and respect for this lady, as if she does have selfesteem problems she has a lot more selfesteem to tell her story to a magazine to HELP and WARN others. how many of us get hoodwinked and tell no one? not doing any favours to society the most of us.

    reading the above comments we can see why some people do turn to cosmetic surgery or even suffer from some kind of mental illness with all (the judgements and lack of support and negativity around, in a society where there is no compassion or understanding for what others go through is it any wonder they are in a state of distress and searching for something to complete us.

    who we should be judging is thes dodgy and shadey individuals who are taking money from vunerable members of society, as I doubt they advertise as cheap, budget, unlicensed, hoodwinkers, nevermind telling clients they are using industrial product.

    too many need to turn to Allaah and understand the purpose of life, because without this understanding we are ALL LOST

    • @aby: Thank you for saying all that I was feeling so I don’t have to repeat it! Where is the empathy? People do what they feel they need to do thinking it is in their best interest and learn from that. The power in her story is that she is going on to share it with others and rebuild her own life. How many people, especially all those who are “super” healthy but judge her use protein powder or tanning booths, or work out 7 days a week and never give their body rest? Do we look at them if they get skin cancer and say “told ya so?” or if they tear muscle tissue and say “oh well?” NO! or at least that is not the way it should be.

  9. At least she gotta got ass i would smash

  10. In the past I have heard about the “Botox” Parties at peoples houses in California. “Licensed or Certified”, I wouldn’t have anything like this done at somebody’s house! That would be a red flag for me if I was into that kind of thing. But thank God I’m not. I saw a tv show about this exact thing. A guy was having these “parties” claiming he was a doctor. He was no more a doctor than Dr. Dre. Women started getting very sick and dying and he was no where to be found.

  11. Dang y’all back off of her. She made a mistake, a really dumb one that I bet she’s completely aware of now. She’s telling her story to warn others who may be swayed by teasing and low self image to change themselves by any means possible. Is it just human nature to be ugly and rude when someone comes out in a story like this? That’s exactly why we have so many kids killing themselves due to bullying and suffering from eating disorders, etc; people nowadays have such an apathetic attitude when it comes to lifting up those who have fallen. We don’t know how deeply those comments and mean jokes got to her- obviously pretty badly for her to result to injections- and here you are calling her pathetic and stupid. If we tried to express more love to one another- strangers even- we probably wouldn’t have so many women defining themselves off their physical.

  12. You can always find very few positive comment when it comes to someone telling their story so that others can learn from it. God bless u sweetheart and I pray everybody that is considering getting injection instantly have a change of heart.

  13. She’s a beautiful woman, I can feel her sincere passion to reach out to other people. We are not to judge, one day we will ALL be judged by our Creator and trust me, you would want compassion for all you mistakes, sins and everything else that doesn’t line up with His plan.

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