It’s an age-old question that never seems to get answered. It’s a question that in some parts of the country could very well spark a fist fight. What’s the question you ask? How can you tell the difference between thick and fat? I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no expert on this topic and frankly, one man’s thick is another man’s fat and vice versa, so it all really boils down to preference. However, there are three key areas that separate the thick from the fat in my opinion. Like to hear ‘em? Here they go!

Now I’m not saying your thickness or fatness depends on whether or not you have rock hard 6-pack abs, but think about it, when you look at some celeb thickems like say Mya they don’t have huge stomachs. They might have a little pooch, but a full blown gut is a no-no if you’re truly a thick girl.

No I’m not going to mention thigh dimples, skinny, thick and fat women can have those. But from watching the thick women I know, their thighs are always solid. No shake, no jiggle…solid and they are a reasonable size. If you’re past think the thighs get a bit sloppy so they have more jiggle than normal and instead of looking like a juicy chicken thigh, it looks like a brontosaurus thigh…proportion all off.

Usually women that are fat are out of proportion. Stomach is sticking out past their breasts, or there is no waist definition in relation to the hips, etc. On a thick girl, she has extra cushion, but it is in all the right places, in the right amounts and makes her curvy…not wide or round.

How can you tell the difference between thick and fat? Are they both pretty much the same?

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  1. I take it you’re skinny/slim?

  2. I can tell the difference. Both are overweight!

  3. I’m fat I’m thick and I embrace every part of me. Fit snobs love to say how much they want to help fat people like myself lose weight but I don’t need your help. I’m a healthy fat person and I’m not going keep eating rabbit food just so I fit in some person’s model of fitness. You can miss me with convos like this. I’m fat and proud. See ya’ll whne I’m 80 years old

    • If you are fat, then you ARE NOT healthy. It’s a shame such ignorance is running rampant. Being fat is not trendy, it taxes all of your organs.

      • just because someone may be fat or thick doesnt mean they are not healthy they could exercise and eat healthy but still not lose any weight AND be healthy. A skinny person who looks healthy isnt always healthy. they can eat unhealthy foods and not exercise but not gain any weight at all so they ARE unhealthy. it doesnt matter if they are thick/fat or skinny or in between to be considered healthy or unhealthy. all that matters is what they eat and how much exercise or how well they take care of their body. get it straight. people like you piss me off.

        • The woman blatantly said she didn’t care about anything she does to her body, then said that that’s how she stays healthy. It makes no sense so I don’t see why you feel the need to defend her…I agree with what you’re saying but what she said is just plain stupid!

          • I know. She can do whatever she wants to her body. She could take better care of it if she wanted, but it’s her choice. At least she is happy with her body the way she wants it to be. I just hate it when people hate against over-weight, thick, or chubby people. My mom is over-weight and she always tries to lose it. She’s doing good, but she has her off days. I hate it when people have rude stuff to say about them. It just hits me back to my family. My family does try to help their bodies and everything. You’d expect Fat Gyrl to not just eat junk food or bad food. I’m sure she could eat fruits and veggies and healthy meals. Maybe get out sometimes or whenever she does. I just think people should be happy no matter what size they are and if they are happy at the size they are at then let them be. Plus I’m tired of skinny ass people thinking they are the healthiest no matter what kind of food they eat. Even junk food or whatever. Skinny people can trash their bodies just as much as over-weight people, just they end up staying skinny. I’m sorry if I came off rude, it’s just how I’m thinking right now.

  4. Thick or fat? It’s all a matter of opinion, and personally, the viewer’s opinion doesn’t matter a hill of beans to this fat woman. I could care less if you think I’m thick, if you think I’m fat, if you think I’m hot, or if you think I’m disgusting. I’m not anyone’s eye candy, I’m much more than just a body and if you can’t see past that, then I don’t have time to debate the issue with your fat-hating self. Kick it on down the road, missy, fat women could care less what you think.

  5. Wow not sure y ppl on here r gettin so offended, u don’t like it leave the site, some of u had to obviously want to come here and see what was said. Personally I think this is true I’m 5’5 & 180 nt gigly or sloppy so this info Is accurate to definition of thick which is bein solid but big in size


    • Yeah, you’re right.. Your spelling is horrible, and so is that shit personality of yours!!
      I guess I could be considered thick, not “fat”, but if girls feel comfortable in their skin being LARGE (I hate the word fat), then it really has not much to do with you.. So just calm your cheap ass leggings down,, ’cause physical appearance isn’t all that matters.

      • @Ane: whether you prefer to believe Piff Man or not the first thing anyone sees is physical attractivness. You don’t see a stranger and say “he/she is intelligent” because you don’t know. You think wow “that person has a cute smile, nice butt, great legs”. I don’t see why you feel you have the right to insult some elses opinon just because it differs from yours. I’m a woman I am towards the thin/thick side in appearance and honestly I notice a difference of how I treated compared to my fat or skinny friends by both men and women normally it is better that is just the condtion of the world. People want what other preceive as attractive to make themselves seem more valuable ie a thick woman and what is considered healthy ie a thick woman.

    • I agree being over weight does cause problems. Me I use to be 230 lbs boarder line Diabetic, high blood pressure, and yes knee problems I WAS FAT. Now I weight 160 toned and no medical issues like the above and I FEEL great. Just glad made a healthy decision and 5 yrs later still going strong, I made excercise and eating right a way of life not a quick fix.

  7. There is differance between Thick and Fat. Thick women have 3 things in common with Thin women, 1)they both are beautiful enough to appear infront of a magazine half naked, 2)capable of having athletic bodies and 3)they both have skinny waste in the 20s of inches. But Fat women don’t have skinny waste, their bodies aren’t capable of becoming athletic unless they lose alot of weight and they look extremely disgusting half naked. Meaning Fat women have nothing in common with women that are Thin that Thick women do.

    Examples of Thick vs Fat
    Famous Thick Women=Serana Williams, Buffie The Body and Kim Kardashian
    Famous Fat Women=Monique, Gabourey Sidibe and Rosie O’Donnell

  8. There’s no difference except in perception and confidence.
    People are either a normal weight, underweight, overweight or obese.

  9. Thick is not “fat”..everyone has fat but a lot of it makes you “fat”.. when your “fat” you usually have rolls, bulges, and you jiggle a lot..thick women jiggle too just not a lot..thick women can be healthy and are basically she is just more beautiful…thick women are more toned and just have bigger butts, breast, hips and thighs but it all looks good and you don’t think “fat” ..

  10. I like eggs.
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  11. ummmm. there is a difference between thick and fat for you idiots who said its the same if you thick your curvy and have a big butt or boobs nd if your fat you fat you have rolls nd big and giggly..and for you skinny girls who say its the same thing your both FAT.. skinny ain’t in style anymore babygirl nd also if your getting offended most likely you probably are fat.. just saying :) butd I need to tone up my thighs and arms IR imma be fat lol

    • @shaquawn: Umm Shaquawn… slim goodie right here and I’ve never had a problem attacting a man. I am slim and in shape and keep my body tight and I receive compliments from men and women alike. Now, it is okay for you discuss the issue of skinny vs. thick vs. fat but please refrain from putting others down just to get your opinion across.

      On another note, whatever size you are BE that size with confidence, you will never hear another fat joke, skinny joke, etc. again in your life. The bottom line is, people can throw water at an oily surface all day but it doesn’t mean it will stick.

      Ya’ll stay beautiful!

  12. Has anyone here ever made-out with an egg?
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  13. Skinny people can have jiggly thighs too because there isn’t much muscle build up

  14. Eggs…
    Guaranteed to make you skinny….
    Or fat..
    I’m about to go have sex with some eggs….
    My name is Eggbert. I love eggs…

  15. I’ve always had issues with thick verses fat. My waist is 31 inches and my bust dtucks out much farther than my stomach. As a child (up too 9) I was a gymnast, so I have thick legs. I’m not saying their all toned now (I’m 14) but they arnt all flab. My arms are alittle larger than Id like but hey, at least I’m not anerexic. I’m 160 pounds and wear ax-large woman’s shirt -so it’s baggy- and a men’s medium. I also wear a size 12 pants. But I can do the splits, a backhand spring and do a 5’9 high jump.

  16. Fat is fat, and now that more and more people are overweight, they’re trying to pass it off as desirable. A fat woman and a curvy woman are the same thing — both have an excess of fat and mass. It may be distributed differently, but they’re both fat. Some people like that, and that’s okay. But to somehow say one is better than the other is stupid. It doesn’t matter if you have a giant gut or look like a taller person who got squashed down, you’re fat.

  17. 24″ inch waist 40″ inch hips weight 140 C cups…nowhere near fat…ijs:-)

  18. Gassy that is the most ignorant assertion by far. So you are telling me that curvy women such as Scarlett Johansson, Salman Hayek, Beyonce and Sofia Vergara are fat and the same as a Rosie O’Donnell??? For one curvy women have a hip waist ratio of about .70 which is scientifically proven to not only be more attractive to men, but also a definite indication of health and fertility, which can’t be said for someone who is fat. Curvy women look like women not adolescent s or boys. Curvy women have a small waist, toned legs and arms, a round or tight butt , and medium to large breasts and hips. So no curvy and fat are definitely NOT the same.

  19. Body fat percentage.

  20. It’s all up to the individual on the issue of whether thick is attractive or how thick is still hot. Personally I feel you would define a lot of glamour models as thick by normal standards if they just were a little heavier. And there’s no question that non fat big breasted and asses thick girls carry a uniquely strong sex appeal. However for me slim and athletic makes for much more beautiful or adorable. There’s nothing more stunning that a beautiful girl who is slim atheltic and sexy. It’s literal perfection and for me 90 percent of girls look best when 18 and without an ounce of fat in hot pants converse long hair glowing skin and tight top! As for the fat issue. I struggle to see how fat women can be truly truly happy. Because being an athlete who was once an obese man I can say it’s hard to be happy or confident in a world that won’t love you. Fat women are prone to emotional hangups they complain people don’t understand. They also want to be fat and happy but make no allowances for partners turning on them!!! Sorry but if you’re fat you’re not attractive and you are purposefully increasing the chances of rejection, or an unhappy/cheating boyfriend massively. That’s your fault!! If you make a life choice to be physically unattractive then you have to deal with the huge negative side effects that go along with it. Don’t complain about workplace favouritism, lack of oppurtunities, men who cheat on you etc you asked for it. Fat is not beautiful and you will likely regret that existence! Find me the fat woman who if she was offered to go into a chamber and be made athletic and attractive and fat free wouldn’t take it???? End of discussion.

  21. Eggs!
    If you want to be skinny, just fuck a carton of eggs like i did!!!
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  22. Uhm, where im from I get called “thick” and I wear a size 3-5 in pants and I a small to medium shirt . I much prefer a medium. I am 5’1 and I weigh 130pounds, I am 16 years old. I have chub on my stomach , do I like it? No but I say “as long as I cansee my hipbones & I have back dimples, nice butt, alright boobs ( Iwear a 34C ) , and nice thighs im okay .” Ive played one sport my entire life for 2 years. My legs arent muscle and niether is any thing else. But thick its thick. If thats not thick, then idk what is.

  23. I’m not so proud of my weight.
    Not at all actually .
    I think I’m over – weight
    I don’t know my exact measurments.
    But I have big boobs . . I’m a 36 D
    And I’m about 1,62m tall . .
    I wear a size 12 & 14 [jeans etc . .]
    [South African Measurments]
    People tell me I’m “curvy” . .
    I just see Fat ! !
    Maybe it’s my conscious.
    But I will tell you something .
    Being Fat & being Thick is completely diferent .
    Thick girls don’t have floppy stomoachs.
    And that’s the main difference !

  24. If a person is 4’8 and 120 lbs would that be considered fat or thick? I cant’t tell anymore. I’m confused, they both almost sound alike because they’re both overweight.

  25. If you re healthy (low BP,low cholesterol ,don’t smoke , don’t eat @ fast food restaurants,exercise,etc)
    Butt if you re overweight you re fat.
    Thick isn’t curvy ….Marilyn Monroe weighed 140 lbs 5’6″ she was curvy
    Beyonce is curvy, Scarlett Johansson
    Is not fat or thick, and Beyonce will kick anyone butt fitness wise….if u be ever seen her perform ts like a marathon ….if she wasn’t in shape she couldn’t perform @ the level she is. get healthy….. eat less exercise more ….don’t b a morin

  26. im 13 years old and my belly big but my legs are thick and I have a big booty and im 5’2 and weight 162 do yall think im fat or thick?

  27. To all who are aaying thick and fat are bad or whatever just quit I’m thick and people love me. I actually have a skunny bf who loves me for me

  28. Large and in charge! Fat skinny thick? Who cares. Society has this stupid idea that being skinny or “thick” is beautiful and anyone who is large is disgusting? Yes round of applause for all the followers! Skinny isnt always beautiful and Fat isnt always ugly. For all the big people on here complaining. If you really hate the way u look then change it! And for the skinny people, you ar not the shit so stop. Yes im overweight. No i dont have and heath problems or body pain! I love the way i look and you know what i wouldnt change for anything or anyone. You people are really listening to society thats why these generations are so fucked up! WHO GIVES A SHIT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK! you should live for yourself and yourself only!

  29. I fit the definition of thick. Who knows. I know I’m healthy. I can do advanced yoga, handstands, one armed pushups and can lift 80 lbs over my head. I regularly box grown men, and have biked 20 miles towing 100lbs behind me without being worn out. I’m healthy. I’ve lost 130lbs but have gained 15 of it back and am self conscious. I’m 165lbs and usually wear an 8-10 in pants, but stick with medium to large bottoms and small to medium tops. Wearing a women’s medium tank top and it’s only tight on my breasts. My only jiggle is on my belly from having lost so much weight. It still has the definition of abs, but there’s only so much you can do after 4 kids and 100lb weight loss. Bottom line, bmi is a load of garbage, and the numbers don’t matter so much. I have bloat going on today and am 170 and feeling down on myself. Even at 180-190lbs as a teenager I was always called thick. I thought that meant fat and I’ve never felt fit until I was 149lbs with 21% body fat and a size 4/6 in jeans.

  30. End Feminazism

    Honestly, women are full of bullshit. Biologically, we are designed to look for the most attractive and fit mate. A sexy fit girl will get infinitely more attention than some fat shit. Women always talk about “society’s depiction of beauty”, but it’s really natural beauty. If you didn’t treat your body like shit and stayed in shape, guys would be all over you.

  31. Well Im Thick:) My man says i have a big butt and sexii hips:) he loves me no matter what:) idc what i am im happy and thats that:))

  32. handsomerandyblackladbrad1953

    WHO CARES???If you don’t have big boobs and are five-four,140+ lb.(LOTS of chicks are twice that!!!!!)YOU’RE FAT,not THICK!!!!!!

  33. You can’t really say if someone is fat or thick without actually seeing them, because most of their weight could be in their thighs, butt, and even in their breasts (“thick in all the right places”). I consider myself fat but most people consider me thick, I don’t see it, so basically it’s your judgement whether someone is thick or fat. I do have a gut, compared to others, but my waist is defined, and most of my weight is in my thighs and butt. I don’t have a problem with dating and a lot of people ask me out, but I live in the south and that’s their preference. Many people date thick and fat girls before skinny girls, from what I see. You can’t really determine someones health unless you run test on them, I met many of people with diabetes, high blood pressure,and etc., who are way smaller than me. In school, a dude who weighed no less than 290, beat all the star athletes in the pacer test. It’s all your preference and definition of fat or thick.

  34. So if a woman reading this post, does have a belly that hangs over or thighs that jiggle, then what? Should she hate herself, hate her body?

    Nothing public about a celebrity is uncontrived. So, I find it disturbing that you’d use them as examples of body types. Mya may well struggle with her weight. She may well, have a personal trainer, personal chef and dietician to help her maintain the conventionally attractive form.

    She may be making visits to the plastic surgeon.

    She may also have an array of undergarments that keep her belly, thighs and butt “in check.”

    We have absolutely no way to know. Found this article extremely unnecessary and depressing. Unless your concern is a genuine one about fitness or health, leave the big sisters alone.

  35. thisIsTheInternetImNotPuttingMyName

    this is really stupid…all im gonna say is im way fatter than everyone thinks..most people think im 40 lbs lighter than i really am, why my body shape. i have a hourglass shape so the weight is “in the right places” what everyone is forgetting is how our bodys are shaped. My friend has an apple shaped body but weighs the same as me. because of her body type shes called fat. morale of the story IM FAT its just hidden thanks to my genetics hehe (/^-^)/

  36. i think Fat means- you don’t care about your health and you wear things that are huge and your weight is over I think Big means- where once you were fat but know you realized you want to be Skinner so you work out eat better and cut the sugar out. You can fit into better clothes yet you are still big but its muscle and some fat. Your body looks better

  37. Hi, Im a 16year old girl that skipped having that teenage body straight to a thick woman’s body. Im small in the middle and firm everywhere but my butt and boobs. Lol I’m 5″ 4′ and weigh 145lbs. I’m told I have the perfect body and get called Marilyn Monroe a lot. Especially when swimming. Lol. I have the struggle of finding jeans with style for me because I get jeans that will go over my butt but my middle to small so it end up falling off anyway! Lol (if you know any petite curvy jean stores please let me know) I might be over weight according to doctors. But I’m not fat. I’m muscle. Of someone wants to call me fat. Im fat in all tje rigjt places. Lol i cant loose weight not because im lazy but because i have no weight to give. Lol. The only fat i have is in all the rigjt plaves and i dont want to give that up. Lol I love playing volleyball and excersising. It does get frustrating when people get confused with girls like me. With fat girls. I’m and hour glass with extra sand not a circle.

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