Gabby Douglas is golden. The second youngest member of the Fab Five (I wonder how Michigan’s Fab Five feel about this given title) U.S. Gymnastics team captured the gold in London after dominating the world competition.

Young Gabby, 16, is the first African-American to win the gold in the All-Around competition. Douglas led from the start, finishing with with 62.232 points and topping Russia’s Victoria Komova who had 61.973. Russia’s Aliya Mustafina took the bronze.

The Virginia native, who moved in with a Des Moines, Iowa sponsor family to complete her Olympic training, began the day with a 15.966 on the vault, the highest score of the 24-gymnast field. She also had the highest score on the beam, the third of four rotations.

According to USA Today, “The Flying Squirrel” embraced the pressure of the Olympic moment, saying that she hopes her victory inspires her followers:

“I hope that I inspire people,” Douglas said. “I want to inspire people. My mother said you can inspire a nation.”

And that’s exactly what she did — inspire.

Check out some of the iconic images of Gabby’s historic Olympic Games

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  1. This young lady is the result of great parenting! Congratulations to her for not getting caught up on being Black.. She is a modifation for all folks!

  2. just want to know why there are not MORE congrats on this page!! this is an amazing moment for the Olympics, for Team USA, for young Black kids, for faith, for us all!

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