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Just because you’re traveling far from home doesn’t mean you’re alone. Even though a very small population of the world suffers from celiac disease, that doesn’t mean support can’t be found on the road. See if there is a support group in the country you’re visiting that will provide assistance and resources. For example in Italy, there is the AIC, which provides a list of every restaurant, trattoria, and gelateria in every region that knows about celiac.

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  1. Thanks for this article. I’ve been struggling to find the courage to travel and speak up about my “peculiar” ways of eating.

  2. Italy was the BEST with food. I told the waiter I was gluten intolerant and he brought me out some delicious g-free pasta. Also, the grocery stores have a huge selection of products. Instead of buying clothes, I was buying food while in Italy. Too bad I can’t find many of these products in the States.

    • @jana:

      Also wanted to add that on top of being a celiac sufferer, I am also a soy free vegan. The best food I ever had came from the sous chef while on a cruise. Every meal was prepared exclusively for me!

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