Dear Jordin

by — Aug 18, 2012

Dear Jordin,

Recently you underwent a transformation. It wasn’t directly involving your career though it played a part. It was actually much more personal, much more rewarding, and much more sustaining.

You lost 50 pounds on your weight loss journey, no small feat. Many sisters are still struggling to adhere to a regular type of fitness routine. But you did it. With a silent determination, you overcame your battle with emotional eating, abstaining from the common refrain that black women can’t overcome the odds. Emotional eating is no inconsequential thing; many women suffer with it as a result of low self-esteem, psychological issues, or poor body image.

You should know that we’re proud of you. At only 22, you are paving the way for young women to deal with these unhealthy issues in a steadfast manner. I’m sure that even when in your darkest hour, you were probably forced to face some unhealthy habits about yourself to further your results. So on behalf of women who deal with these issues regularly, we recognize your strength and courage to keep with it.

Well Jordin, here you are. You’re not only an award winning singer, but becoming a talented actress, marrying your career goals with your personal growth, undoubtedly making a winning combination.

Keep on pushing, we’ll be with you every step of the way!



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  1. Great article and I agree! Go Jordi!

  2. . . .Except Jordin Sparks wasn’t overweight.

  3. Beautiful girl inside and out…now the perect healthy body to match.

  4. I always thought Jordin was a beautiful young lady regardless of her weight but she looks great and seem to be happy with this change in her life so good for her. More fabulous things in her future. And I disagreed with the assessment that she wasn’t overweight before she may not have been grossly so but an extra 50lbs of weight is a lot and takes a toll over time especially at such a young age

  5. Glad to see her taking control of her health. It’s so important for black women to see that, plus it’s excellent motivation!

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