Ahh, the “Freshman 15!” We’re all aware of the term. It’s the infamous amount of weight a new college student is supposedly destined to gain. Goodbye to nightly home cooked meals and reasonable bedtime hours, and hello to endless food choices, alcohol, and late-late nights. But, while the newfound independence is exciting to most college students, what isn’t is the dreaded indication that they’re going to gain 15 pounds by the end of their freshman year. What horror to have this as a concern before you even step foot on campus!

Luckily though, a recent study conducted by Ohio State University revealed that the “Freshman 15” is indeed a myth. However, what isn’t false is that with still being immersed in a new environment, it’s likely for college students to gain an unhealthy lifestyle. College is a time to form good habits, hopefully, and learn new things that will benefit you in the future. So, whether you’re about to embark on your college career, or sending a loved one off to campus, or you know someone who knows someone on their way to university.

Here are a few tips that will help students sustain a healthy lifestyle.

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