Jordin Sparks 50-pound weight-loss has been in the news since she shot her first bikini cover for SHAPE magazine looking sexier than ever. The singer, who’s only 22-years-old, realized it was time to start thinking seriously about fitness after she began to battle sickness and fatigue too frequently.

Recently she dished to US Weekly about how her new found body, to which she admits, “there is no secret.”

“There is no secret. It’s just eating better and working out! It’s definitely a daily thing. My mom’s best friend is a Zumba instructor and I loved it. I started with walking then went to jogging and then Zumba. I started [working with a trainer] and we did 30 minutes of circuit training so I didn’t feel like I needed to be in the gym for two hours.”

Additionally Sparks changed her eating habits after she realized she overate too often.

“I stop now when I’m full,” she admitted. “I love food and I love to eat. My thing was, do I really need seconds or do I want it just because it tastes good?”

Her hard work has paid off! She looks amazing in SHAPE magazine, and 2012 looks like this is her year. Her new movie Sparkle, where she play beside the recently departed music great Whitney Houston, is also due out in theaters this Summer.


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  1. Jordin is such a pretty and positive young lady. I absolutely love the peach dress with ruffles. That color/style is gorgeous on her. 🙂

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