Indulge In Luxuries

No can maintain their sexy in the gym alone. Both ladies have taken the time to pamper themselves in their own ways, whether it’s long trips with their families, or long weekends at the spa. Taking personal time to treat you. It will keep those frown lines and wrinkles away!

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  1. I love Angela Bassett’s talents as an actress. Though they both may look ‘flawless’, I would like to know how much colorism/racism plays into the opportunities Madonna has had over Bassett.

  2. Ms. Information

    Madonna has had plastic surgery, not an equal pairing.

    • @Ms. Information: I’m a fan of Madonna (full disclosure) but what does plastic surgery on her face have to do with the apparent hard work she puts in at the gym?

      • Ms. Information

        @yolo: Her “youthful look” was helped and is not natural…I am also a fan.

      • @yolo:Okay, this is the difference or here is the difference. If you achieve your results through hard work then it is from a natural standpoint. However if you go under the knife to achieve something then the results did not come about naturally. In other words, if I go into a plastic surgeon and have my tummy flattened, then I went under the knife instead of exercising and cutting back on the calories and fat. You get it! If you are talking about her work, then disregard this reply. However, if you are talking about her appearance, then this reply is relevant.

    • @Ms. Information: agreed! Personally I don’t think Madonna looks flawless but every bit of her age :/

  3. It’s all well and good to celebrate celebrities’ winning their fight against aging, but trips with the families and following their dreams has little to do with their results. Both of these women follow intense daily exercise regimens and strict diets, using personal trainers & chefs that the average person has little if no access to. Plus, plastic surgery is a common form of maintenance – Black may not crack, but Botox & Restelyne keeps up the ‘freshness’ of any color skin.

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