Lashontae Heckard’s body is fit. And not just regular fit. The native
Texan’s body is drool-worthy.

It could be a combination of good genes and an even better workout regimen.
But mainly, it just comes with the territory. As an actress for BET’s
sitcom, The Game, Tae Heckard’s reoccurring role of “Jazz” often puts her
in front of cameras.

But even though she may play the background to many of her cast mate’s
heated dramas, she sizzles as the main lead in her own right. She’s been
spotted in numerous music videos, including Rick Ross & Usher’s, “Touch N’
You,” Neyo’s, “Do You,” and Busta Rhymes, “Give it to You.”

We can often find her on twitter @taeheckard, as she’s regularly a poster
kid for fitness. And why not? Her body is, in one word: Sick.

Today we look to Tae Heckard as a source of fitspiration!

Who inspires you Frugivores?

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    A short interview on her workout and diet would have been nice 😛

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