The P.I.N.K Method – I discovered this program after watching one of my favorite shows, “The Doctors.” It is a 9 week program created by a woman for women. It is broken up into 3 week intervals with a different trainer every 3 weeks. Each week the workout changes giving you 9 weeks of evolving exercises. This program is gradual in its approach to getting you in the best shape of your life.

It starts off with 20 minute strength training and endurance workouts for phase one. Phase two is 30 minute workouts that work on muscle development and agility. The third and final phase is comprised of 45 minute workouts for maximum calorie burn.

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  1. It will be 12 months on the 30th since I gave home birth to my 3rd child…back to back! My body is in protest. When are you starting PINk method? I need a partner in crime. You interested Risa? I purchased P90X last year, so i guess I’ll stick with that program. 🙂

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