I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy on May 3rd and it was the absolute best day of my life thus far. After I reveled in the joy of being a first time mom, my next thought was, “How am I going to drop this baby weight?!” Prior to my pregnancy I was a healthy 135 pounds. At the time of my delivery I was 180 pounds. Although I was pregnant at the time, it was hard to see that number on the scale because I was a very health conscious person prior to the ridiculous cravings I gave into while carrying my son. I worked out regularly and ate relatively well. Thanks to breast feeding and the immediate water weight you lose once you give birth, I am now 150. I am determined to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and maybe lose an additional five pounds in order to be 130.

When looking for the best workout system to help me get that “snap back,” I narrowed down my options to four exercise programs. Two are well known and the other two are under the radar.

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  1. It will be 12 months on the 30th since I gave home birth to my 3rd child…back to back! My body is in protest. When are you starting PINk method? I need a partner in crime. You interested Risa? I purchased P90X last year, so i guess I’ll stick with that program. 🙂

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