Insanity – This program is part of the same beach body company that sells p90x. The catch with insanity is that it is just that…INSANITY. I actually used this program to reach my goal weight of 125 pounds for my 25th birthday in 2010. The results were quick and nothing short of amazing.

The main goal of this program is to shed the fat and give you striking definition. The high voltage rate at which the workouts go can be a bit intimidating. You have to pace yourself and have TONS of water close by as you will be sweating profusely.

This program also uses muscle confusion but more with cardio and calisthenics. You do everything from football and basketball drills to hard core ab and strength training sessions. It’s a 60 day program that increases in duration and intensity from one month to the next.

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  1. It will be 12 months on the 30th since I gave home birth to my 3rd child…back to back! My body is in protest. When are you starting PINk method? I need a partner in crime. You interested Risa? I purchased P90X last year, so i guess I’ll stick with that program. 🙂

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