Fixing Quad Dominance

1. Butt work.

Duh. While my instinct would have been to do weighted Bulgarian Split Squats until my cheeks fell off, Steve pointed out that if I’m all out of whack to begin with, adding weight is only going to make it worse. His fave tool is the Black Band of Torture. It’s just one of those black power band loops: Put it around your ankles, keep your toes forward and your knees soft and then walk slowly to the left. Until your butt cheek falls off. Repeat on the other side. Sing the Cha-Cha Slide and if you’re lucky other people will join in.

2. Loosening your hips (which will subsequently loosen your hams).

This rotational lunge (you’re rotating back over your rear leg and also slightly to the side away from your back leg) not only works your butt but gives you a solid stretch too. My knee looks like it’s on the ground but it’s actually hovering.

3. Core work.

And I don’t mean just situps. Steve emphasizes working your core as a whole unit which means working your back as much as your front (Supermans, skydivers) and doing things in all planes of movement (wood chops, side plank).

4. Don’t cross your legs!

Don’t cross them when you’re sitting, standing or even when you’re working out. Anyone else always cross their ankles when doing Russian twists like me?

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