Sometimes we all need a little motivation when it comes to eating healthy. It takes a consistent effort to bring your desired results, so one the best ways to honor your commitment is to juice your fruits and vegetables.

Whether your juicing in the morning or on a long-term detox, the process brings you closer to your food regardless. Most importantly, juicing is a way for your body to absorb nutrients and enzymes quickly into you bloodstream while it gives your digestive tract a break.

Many folks use juicing as a cleansing tool. Stripping vegetables and fruit of their fiber enhances detoxification, making it easier to assimilate the nutrients in your blood.

One of the best videos this spring about juicing comes from triathlete Khaleeqa Rouse. While taking a break from training and blogging on her informational site Paparoxi, Khaleeqa filmed a video to help get you started on your juice detox.

Khaleeqa answers frequently asked juicing questions such as: why you should detox? Additionally, Roxi shows you all the essentials you’ll need to enjoy your juicing experience, concluding the video with a delicious looking “Pineapple Carrot Ginger” juice recipe. So skip your morning coffee and pour life into your cup!

Video Breakdown

  • Why Detox 1:10
  • Preparation 2:29
  • Spiritual Work 3:31
  • Things You Need Daily 5:43
  • What to Juice 8:42
  • Pineapple Carrot Juice 11:19
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