I’ve always heard the saying, “You are who your closest three friends are.” I often only related that to work ethic, believing that if I had friends who pushed hard, it would persuade me to push just as hard. But as I got older, I realized just how that sayings spans into every aspect of my life, including my workout regimen.

On a regular basis, I try to workout at least 3-4 times a week, even if it’s just a brisk walk or a quick exercise DVD. Exercise is a quintessential part of my routine and I relish in being able to acquire the energy everyday to get out and just feel good.

I’ve been blessed to have close friends who feel the same way. One is a die-hard runner who is a proud member of Black Girls Run, very often competing in triathlons. Another is always pulling me out of bed to run around the neighborhood. Not to mention, many of my friends are involved with some other type of physical activity, like dance, pilates, or yoga.

Often the pressure to workout may come from within, but many times it’s your girls that are there to give you that extra push.

Do you motivate your girls to workout?

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  1. I totally motivate my girls to work out. It does so much for your life. You feel better, look better and have a better sex life.

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