If you don’t know who Elle Varner is by now, you should. The 22-year old is blazing a trail through the entertainment industry with her sultry voice and bold fashion sense. But in a recent interview Elle reveals that life wasn’t always so great and that she grew up much heavier than the svelte figure she’s now sporting. She reveals that growing up she felt awkward and suffered from low self esteem, and her own friends being mean to her didn’t help much. These days Elle says she feels more confident and that confidence helps in her career, she also says she maintains her weight through healthy eating habits, she’s a vegan, and working out a lot.

Just goes to show once again that there are no shortcuts when it comes to fitness and the change to a healthier you takes hard work and starts from within! Check out Elle’s interview below.

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  1. I LOVES HER! Wow I would have never thought that she was battling like this

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