Booty, back, donk, rump, culo—whatever you call it, there is no one who loves an ample backside—or has as many names for it—as black men. For women who are blessed in this area, a big butt is like a golden ticket through life; admiration is sure to follow from any man caught in her hindsight. But for ladies who don’t have as much junk in their trunk, the pressure to live up to black men’s ideal body type sometimes causes them to go to extreme lengths to achieve it. The days of busting squats in the gym to pump up you rear end are long gone. Women are opting for quicker and riskier methods to enhance their backside via butt injections, and sometimes the practice is legal, often it’s not.

The same way the media and the beauty and fashion industries take the bulk of the blame for the standards of beauty currently upheld in society—thinness, long-flowing hair, light/white skin—the root of the growing fascination with butt injections can easily be traced to black men. They sing about it, rap about it, write books about it, gawk and stare at it, and constantly chase it—unfortunately that’s been to women’s detriment. For the longest it seemed only ample-backed women suffered from this obsession, constantly being objectified for their figures and enduring endless street harassment, but now we see the grass isn’t so green on the other side either as an increasing number of reports highlight the prevalence of illegal butt-enhancing procedures among women seeking to become the object of black men’s affection. The question is would this all go away if black men placed more emphasis on women’s brains than their butts?

It’s not that women don’t want to be appreciated for their physical beauty just as much as their inner, but the obsession has grown to an alarming level where it’s not sufficient to just have enough to cup or a butt proportionate with your body. If you’re not toting a rear end on the level of Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, or Kim Kardashian naturally, you’re only option is to pull a Nicki Minaj and get it some other way. That may not be the reality of the situation but it’s the message women are getting, which shows black men are just as disillusioned about butts as the women who attempt to appease their obsession with these risqué procedures.

See somewhere between J. Lo leaving the block, Beyonce going crazy in love, and Kim Kardashian’s sex tape hitting the scene, 36-24-46 measurements became more than a head-turning, needle-in-the-haystack figure, it became the standard by which all women are judged. And let’s be honest, most women don’t share those genes, which means most women don’t add up in the looks department according to black men, so it seems. Call it a misconception, exaggeration, or whatever you choose, that won’t change the fact that since this need for a big butt started with black men, they are the only ones who can make it go away.

Big butts have long been admired by black men and it would be unfair to say they have completely caused women to seek gluteal enhancement. Women have to take some responsibility for their own susceptibility to these pretty brown round messages themselves, but the same way the fashion industry has become more conscious of the messages they’re sending, I’d like to see black men do the same. It’s not their job to build women’s self-confidence or make them accept their booties, but what black men can do is denounce the fake butts gracing music videos, men’s magazines, and pornos and celebrate the beauty of a natural booty no matter how big or small. Indulging in the idea of a land filled with big butts and wide hips is fine every now and then but when black men’s fantasies start interfering with black women’s reality, something’s got to give—on their end.

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  1. Hmmm gross. Thank god I don’t need to worry about that.

  2. Uhmmm, Kim Kardashian shouldn’t be inferred or implied in any sort of way of having a NATURAL butt like J.Lo, Beyonce, or Serena. Kim K.’s square attachment on her bottom back is filled with shots!!! Check her old pics. Lala Vasquez (love her), but her butt is fake too!

    • @Celina: I’m glad you brought up LA LA. Her butt is faker than a three dollar bill. She acts like no one remembers her ass when she was on TRL, or even further back, when she was out here in LA doing radio, her butt was as flat as a ironing board. Having a baby spreads your hips but it doesn’t add a bubble to your butt.

    • I cannot believe that women are not happy with what their mommas gave them! I don’t know who keeps telling these women with butts looking like that is nice – are you kidding me! Everytime I see Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian etc…. – I laugh my “ass” off. They look like a cartoon character not natural at all. They need to understand that there are before and after pics so they need to stop telling the world that their asses are real….LaLa and Kim (best friends who shared the Shot Girls session – ha ha ha)!

      Truly, it’s not a really good message for the young women coming up in this world. Would they want their daughters, nieces, mothers, aunts etc… putting silicone in their asses and not knowing what will happen to them because of the chemicals! What will happen when they all get OLD????? All their shit would fall off! LMAO

      MEN need to stop worshipping asses – cause it’s just an ass that crap comes out of and smells – you all think that’s sexy.

      And WOMEN need to stop thinking that having an animated, oversized, unreal ass will make them look better…. it actually makes you look comical and stupid.

      Sorry to be harsh but women should know they are beautiful without all that fake stuff (eyes, hair, nails, face, breasts, butts…. what else is left).

  3. Carlton Jordan

    what a stupid lazily written article with no facts.

  4. First of all white men are the source for all ignorance in the world when it comes to the Western world. Black men just purport to be the main actors in this grand play of objectification. White men own the large “parent” labels and marketing firms that pay black men to put these absurd images out in the mainstream. You can’t blame black men solely for trying to make a buck even if they’re complicit in this madness.

    White men were parading Sarah Baartman throughout Europe well before there were any music videos. It takes years of conditioning to turn black men into what we see now. There is no evidence to my knowledge of black men or indigenous men objectifying black women until they brought here and broken-in by slave owners.

    More importantly, black women are as complicit in this play as black men. Yes there are a lack of jobs that pay as well as striping or modelling but when does personal responsibility come into play. Like Chris Rock said jokingly, “you’re dancing to your own oppression.” But whatever, to each it’s own.

  5. my butt is 51 inches and no one chats e up, black or white! am i missing something?

    • @deena: If you have 51 inch butt and you are not getting attention your either live in Montana or your overweight. But overweight girls get attention and love too

  6. Deena if your Butt is 51 inches and no one is chatting you up, You’re in the wrong area darling.

  7. I’ll have to agree with Carlton to some degree. This must be a space filler. Are we really blaming black men for this???

  8. Can you blame Black men for butt implants?

    Sure, just like one can blame White men for breast implants.

    Lol. Yes men influence what’s considered beautiful in culture. Yes, women spend an inordinate amount of time and money trying to meet some of the beauty standards.

    Ultimately the individual has to make her decision, and ultimately feel comfortable with her own body.

  9. I want to say No but unfortunately every time I hear black men candidly talking about their number one criteria, guess what always comes first…. The funny thing is some of them end up falling in love and marrying flat beautiful black butt.

  10. Sherri Coleman

    She looks very NASTY……A Woman’s self-worth or identity is not in her butt. It’s in having a personal relationship with God. Knowing and obeying His Will. Sistah’s wake-up!!!

  11. Ewww these overly large butts look freakish! Why would anyone want to do that to their body? If this is what women are doing to attract men then this is just sad.

  12. Am an African I think this mentality is common to blackmen everywhere. I don’t really appreciates ladies going to that extreme to change their butt size, but I don’t have a slight attraction for a flat buttock chicks. I think females should accept and embrace their natural look that way men will still appreciates them.

  13. Deena you most be in a wrong place of course!

  14. I agree with what Shawn West said. The bigger issue is why don’t more Black people educate themselves on their own history? Those who know their history know that the current butt craze is simply history repeating itself. Ultimately, any repsectable woman wants to get attention for more than what’s behind her.

  15. Most of these chicks do this for attention it’s so plain and obvious

  16. If you are shallow and mindless enough to fall into the hype of a surgically enhanced butt you will only attract someone just as superficial and ignorant. Real men like real women. Enough said.

  17. stupid article. what happened to being to people who are into you. sounds like a cop out to blame anyone for an individuals stupidity

  18. Sorry..Not into big butts. Never understood the appeal..Love a woman who’s fit and respects her body by staying active. That’s more attractive than anything else to me..

  19. Sorry to burst y’all bubble but most black women’s butts are real! And if you notice…the ones who usually end up getting injections and implants are usually not…soooo that tells me one thing for sure…black women are beautiful now and always have been! Now as for rappers making it popular…talk to the execs who’ve probably had a taste of REAL BOOTY and went buck wild…like they’ve been doing for centuries behind closed doors! They’re the ones with the power to program you all! Now as for the breasts and lips and skin women have that on lock too…and who wants big…breasts and lips now….everybody else! That light, bright and white shit been out of style in the real world for years now! Lets all keep it real…..BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE EVERYONE SECRETLY WANTS EVERYTHING BLACK PEOPLE HAVE!!!!

    • @msdivinity:

      Well you kinda have a point there…can’t say I don’t agree, just glad I don’t have a butt, hip or breast problem…Mr. West has a very valid point…and yes we overweight women do get attention so Deena must be in the wrong area….and to take ms.divinity’s point home -I had an old white lady that I worked with tell me…”it’s not fair ya’ll get everything you have a nice brown color, big breast, behind, and a small waist even though you are a big girl, and we have to go out and pay for it girl do you know how much my breast implant cost me,our white men like that it’s just not fair”

    • @msdivinity: Uhhh I’m pretty sure that no one except for black men think black women OR big butts are attractive. If big butts are attractive, then why do the wealthiest, best looking black men go for average white women, leaving black women “behind”? And why do black men AND white women lust after and have fetishes for asian women?? Last time I checked, asian women had, small, pretty looking behinds, which is what sane men want.

    • I am so glad that Rosie Perez revealed the secret that Latinos keep when it comes to the issue of their Blackness.

  20. Black men are not to end anything. Women need to love the body they were born with, and know that if your butt pads burst your man will vanish with them…then again he might buy you more. I love my size appropriate ass.

  21. i love a thick shapely woman 38 24 38 there is nothing wrong with a thick shapely woman, nice fat ass , thick tighs, and a chest to go with it . Just because a woman is thick that does not mean that she has high cholesterol ,or high blood pressure. Some of these so called women that are shapely there bodies feel just as hard as mine and i do work out two hours a day, so called shapley or in shape does not necessarily mean that they are better. i would personally go for the thick and proportioned individual not thick and thick all over it has to be thick and shapely.

  22. Okay lmao Its funny how you alllllll think that every “Thick” Woman has a waist the size of a woman who is petite a woman with 38 inch hips is MOST likely not going to have a 24 inch waste this Obsession with Ass and Tits is KILLING YOUNG WOMEN Not all BLACK WOMEN LOOK LIKE THAT But thats the ONLY TYPE OF BLACK WOMAN CELEBRATED. Ive heard Black Men Say that a black woman aint even worth his TIME UNLESS SHE GOT ASS because she is UGLY. But if a Slim Slender black woman dates a White man then shes betraying the Race….the same races that has objectified her and told her she wasnt worthy of Love….there is a problem in this generation…period !…I hope a young woman comes along and changes this

  23. I think its funny how people wanna be like Beyonce and have her butt. Yes, she has a small waist, but that girl wears butt PADS. Look at any swimsuit pic of her from behind and you will see that she doesnt have a big butt. And these other celebs with big butts… many of them have big butts in a WHITE person’s opinion. Cuz when you see them in person, they arent that big. Thick in hollywood is AVERAGE in the hood. Remember, the tv adds 10 lbs. It really does. Most celebs are size 2-4, so….

    • @Sha’ahn:

      I agree, Beyonce doesn’t have a big butt, white people think a size 10 is plus size but its not its average. Wake up people luv Ur body and stop listening to the media. When Ur confident you’ll attract all kinds I’d men some good, some bad. Do u, luv u.

  24. Joseph Guisti

    This article is clearly racist and written to get attention.

  25. Very good

  26. Most of the responses were so dumb. Any women doing this has mental issues and all you people saying White men force Black men to portray themselves this way and to degrade and dehumanize Black women are crazy and delusional. Are adult Black men children? When will they take responsibility for the harm they do? When will people, especially Black women stop defending and excusing these adults who do not give a damn about them? They do this because they want to. They get a sense of power from this, not to mention money, notoriety, etc. Get a clue.

  27. @Unknown: @sugarbaby:

    Thank you and Amen, sugar baby. Men make a lot of noise over woman with out of proportion behinds, but when it comes to seriously settling down and falling in love– pay attention to what men actually DO, not what they say. I’ve also noticed that video women and butt models rarely have gorgeous faces or anything interesting to say. They are usually weaved up airheads, caked with makeup and nothing special in the face department. No one would give them a second glance if it wasn’t for those hottentot behinds. This too, shall pass. I just hate to see sistas risking their lives for the ephemeral whims of black men with a fetish. If all a man wants you for is you huge derriere, is that really a man you want to be with? Judging from some comments, I guess so. What will happen when a woman with a phatter a$$ than yours walks by? Read excerpts from the book, “Shot Girls” by Vanity Wonder. The depth of ignorance displayed by these women will make you very sad.

  28. @ms. Divinity you are so right, all other races want what black women have, tan skin, big butts full lips. We are made naturally beautiful, thick and shapely. I’m a naturally thick bootylicous black woman I understand why women get but shots cuz black guys worship you if you look that way. Its sad cuz women are dying and its not worth all the attention . To each its own but u have to love the body God gave you. I have to be honest I’ve been married for 13yrs and every single day my husband who is black tells me how much he loves my thick phat ass!! 🙂 I luv it!!!!

  29. @sweetcakes- you totally contradicted ur own statement…black men and “curvy” black women BOTH play a role in thjs nonsense. Men glorify it and women do whatever they can to live up to it…then, these women fight over the attention and put down other women that they feel are beneath them because they have a bigger butt. The WOMEN have the power to change this ignorance. Ive seem groups like “curvy women are better than skinny chicks” or “real women have curves”. Women put other women down for the attention of a man that only glorifies that ass to fuck…not love, not marry. Hello??? Are we that stupid as women?? Women compete about everything!!…for the attention of a man! Sad. And men that mk statements like “she aint worth my time if she dont have ass”…good let them weed themselves out because that is tbe type of man you sbould RUN, not walk, from…and for all the “curvy”black women that are glad that thick is finally in, remember this…the way you felt when the world glorified skinny women is tbe exact way you and these black men make women without thick tbighs and ass feel now. You didnt like it when the shoe was on tbe other foot so why do it to them?? You can embrace ur own beauty without putting others down or making yourself seem “better”. Also, for the ppl tbat say”glad i dont have that problem cuz i am blessed”, you are almost az bad. All women are beautiful the way God created them.

  30. Yes, black men should be blamed considered the fact that they are the back bone of our race. Im a black women with a little booty and its kinda hard these days hearing men say she got a flat ass, etc. But I have a brain to think for myself and smart enough to know that most men dont have a mind of their own and always follow the fantasy life and trying to make that shit a reality. When did stripping become a career? Why are they replacing love and respect of life with money and materialistic thing? Why are our black men searching for baby mamas instead of wives? Why arent our men helping us raise these children? I dont understand what is going on in the minds of black men these days. This music plays a big role in life and only promotes negative life styles which most ppl dont see. But I refuse to be a object of fantasy because in reality our race is going down hill and its really nothing we can do about it because if they knew better they will do better, we really dont have positive role models to teach lessons on a better life instead we just bring each other down which is why nothings gonna change.

    • @Alisha: I just want to tell you that you are right, most men do NOT think having a big butt is attractive. Actually, other than black men, almost all of us guys like a nice small, cute butt, or a medium one, too! This is just a fad, and hopefully the black male community will wisen up eventually and look at this fad as something ridiculous hundreds of years from now. I know many white men(including myself, since my gf is Chinese) prefer asian women, becuase we think WHITE WOMEN are too thick!! haha, if you started looking outside the black community, I bet you’d find a lot of good guys who would appreciate you “assets” (;

    • Alisha!! I dont know you, Ive never seen you but I’m sure you’re a very beautiful young lady regardless. You cant allow yourself to be defined by your body or your looks. You cant let yourself be affected negatively by their actions or their expectations. I agree with Wyatt on some level. Maybe you should start looking outside the black community but maybe there might be someone within too! You just have to start considering guys that see the value in you as a person….they are out there! 🙂

  31. Stop making pleasing men such a high priority? If a guy is into you for more than what his dick thinks then it won’t matter anyway.

    Plus how much is also a pressure on men to make a fetish of this physical feature? Pop culture is not sold, so much as rammed down everyone’s throats.

    Big butts
    Big tits
    Shaved crotches
    Long hair
    Anal sex
    High heels
    Being easily controlled
    Being psychotic and shallow

    These are expected. Normal. Which is fine if you don’t mind it for YOU…but it is also what everyone is told they should want/possess. Which skews things more than a little.

    My method of dealing with the nonsense is to ignore it. Entirely. Guess what? I have a satisfying LTR with a genuinely great person.

    Give no Fucks. 🙂

  32. It’s so easy to blame the black man for all black women’s problems. You make your own decisions.

  33. Uhmmm, NO!!! Although I completely despise the behavior & mentality of the average (not all) black/African American male which seems to include: total disregard for the respect of women, impregnating multiple women simultaneously, not only not financially supporting the children they have but expecting these women to support the children AND the men as well, and so much more!! We can not hold black men responsible. Its the women themselves who should be held responsible. Why?? They allow this behavior to continue and they take these guys back after countless infidelities and other issues. If their level of esteem is so low, if they are incapable of having any amount of intestinal fortitude or self respect to the point that they allow black men to affect their lives in such negative ways and not put their collective foot down and scream “We’re not going to take this anymore!!!!” , then its their own fault. Not the men!

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  35. What is really sad is that I feel like one of the minority. I am a white guy and like big butts also. I have nothing against black men or black men liking big butt white women but my big problem is that big butt women always seem to be associated with the Hip Hop culture. I can’t stand Hip Hop.

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