Gabrielle Christina Douglas, American gymnast and Olympic gold medal champion seems to have become a household name almost overnight.

Although the young athlete has been on the scene for a while as a member of the 2011 World Championships, for this gymnast, it was her history making win this week, as the first African-American and first woman of color in Olympic history earn an individual all-around gold medal, that has made her famous.

At only sixteen Douglass has inspired young women everywhere to get out of their own way and dream the impossible. Here are five reasons why we love the nation’s new girl-next-door.

Her Humility

Although she’s made history and has received congrats from huge stars like Nicki Minaj and even President Obama, Douglas still remains humble. There hasn’t been one interview where she didn’t thank God, her family, her coach, and her teammates. The word “I” seems never to come out of her mouth, only “we.”

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  1. Hi, Thanks for this article. I very much appreciation the sentiment it expresses.

    Again, appreciate this article – huge fan of Gabby Douglas, and only offer these thoughts in support.

  2. I was so proud to watch this woman achieve her goals. Truly an amazing moment.

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