As spring cleaning fills our minds, how many of us have considered cleaning out our bodies? Personally, I’ve never tried a detox, but I’ve heard from numerous friends that the feeling is quite refreshing…once it’s done. Like most dietary practices, it takes discipline mixed in with a little tenacity to only drink a liquid or eat raw food for a few weeks, depending on how long the detox is.

A good detox diet advocates for pure and natural foods that aid the function of the kidney, liver, and lymph. Before embarking on this journey, it is best to consult a health professional to ensure that your body can take on an abrupt diet change.

The most popular detox diet is the Master Cleanse, but another great option is the Raw Food Diet. Lucky for you, we’re doing a step by step “Starting Your Raw Food Journey” series that can give you the tools for a safe and successful journey.  Spring cleaning your body just got a little easier!

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  1. This seems like a wonderful idea. I attempted the master cleanse once but the “cleanse” was not for me. I like the thought of still eating and cleansing so this may be a wonderful alternative. I want to add in a water challenge but that may be to much for my poor body.

  2. I tried the master cleanse but that wasn’t for me because I wasn’t getting enough nutrients (i’m anemic). However, I’ve done three day juice fasts and I was a raw foodist for about three months. The later two worked out really well. I’ve incorporated both into my lifestyle now. Actually, I’m 80/20 raw. But in general, those types of fast help with weight loss, vitality, discipline and curbing cravings. They’re not everyone’s bag but don’t knock them at least until you’ve tried.

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