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Not everybody wants to be a weightlifter, but those who have that goal have to consider a few important facts to achieve success. Exercise in itself does not build muscle; it actually breaks it down. It takes the correct and timely application of nutrition to complete this muscle building process. Even the application of some type of high protein drink during and after your workout can reap incredible benefits.

There are some important rules to follow when trying to build muscle and create new physique:

Drink water: Water is the single most important factor when exercising and performing to the best of your ability during a sport. A proper level of hydration is crucial because dehydration can drop your strength, concentration, and increase stress on the systems of your body. You should never allow yourself to get thirsty because at the point you feel thirsty; you are already on your way to being dehydrated. Everybody is different and a good guideline is eight glasses of water per day. Take care not to over hydrate either because this can lead to electrolyte problems in the body.

Reduce the sugar and processed foods in your diet: Calorie dense, nutrient deficient foods are bad additions to everybody’s diet these days. If you are striving for a physical goal these foods will be the worst obstacle you will have to overcome. A good rule of thumb is if you do not recognize what food group your meal belongs to; it is probably not a healthy food. Pack your plate with fresh, healthy foods rich in nutrients and reap the benefits in your workout. Always try to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and healthy fats.

Eat six small meals a day: The traditional manner of spacing our foods out during the day is three large meals and in some cases constant snacking in between. This can create spiking blood sugar levels which in turn cause us to overeat and crave carbohydrates. Six small well-balanced meals can stabilize the insulin levels in your body, which is beneficial to building muscle. Having a healthy level of available insulin in the blood stream can increase the growth and help the recovery of your muscles.

Fuel your body during the workout: People always seem to be drinking sports drinks during and after their workout, carrying around bottles of coconut water and whey protein shakes. This type of supplementation is very beneficial when trying to build muscle and have the energy to complete your workout. The best sports drink to consume will contain carbohydrates and protein. This will promote muscle growth, while replacing the nutrients and water lost during an intense workout.

Try combining foods: Within your six meal cycle it is important to always have protein and carbohydrates together in each meal. Protein does not necessarily have to be meat; it can also be canned tuna, some type of bean or legume, or even soy product such as tofu, but importantly green-leafy vegetables. It is important to eat foods fortified with essential amino acids in order to build muscle and synthesize the protein in your body. Protein also could help boost your metabolism because it takes energy to break down and digest most protein sources.

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