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As a man who follows the Oakland Raiders franchise, I have to admit that the last ten years have been rough, to say the least. But interestingly enough, I have never tracked how I’ve felt after a loss and, furthermore, never reflected on my behavior after said loss.

According to The Salt, a study that links sports outcomes with the eating behavior of fans finds that backers of NFL teams eat more food and fattier food the day after a loss. Backers of winning teams, by contrast, eat lighter food, and in moderation.

After a defeat, the researchers found that saturated fat consumption went up by 16 percent, while after a victory it decreased by 9 percent. “After a victory, people eat better,” says Pierre Chandon, a professor of marketing at the business school INSEAD in France. “After a defeat, people eat a lot worse.”

As The Salt blogger Shankar Vedantam astutely points out, this study fits in-line with some of the research that suggests that folks emotions are tied to their eating habits, so I guess I’ll write down how I feel and what kind of behavior I exhibit after the next Raiders game. I hope they win!

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  1. seriously well i didn’t know we foot ball fanatics were blatant slob’s seem’s like all we do is eat by the way all walk’s of life watch and participate in the enjoyment of foot ball wanna know what we women who love foot ball say to other women who do not shut up pass the nachos and go to the mall

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