Yummy food, lots of drinks and holiday cheer, that’s what this time of year is all about. But while many of us are just concerned about packing on a few pounds this holiday season, people living with diabetes have to worry about those extra pounds and more.

Having diabetes, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t get your holly jolly on.

Follow these simple tips and your holiday season will be holly, jolly and most importantly…healthy!

Remember To Snack & Stand

The holidays mean lots of traveling to visit friends and family. It also means lots of sitting and not enough eating, which can be dangerous for people living with diabetes.

Make sure to snack a lot not only to prevent overeating, but to make sure your blood levels don’t get thrown out over whack. As for those long flights, stand as often as possible. Pulmonary embolism are a risk for everyone who flies, but diabetics comprise one of the groups that has an increased risk.

That’s because people with insulin resistance have a higher level of fibrinogen, a protein that helps blood clot.

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