Since his multiple sclerosis diagnosis, Montel Williams, has been a staunch supporter of legalizing marijuana. This week he spoke out against those in Arkansas who are trying to persuade voters to vote against the ballot measure that would legalize it.

Speaking on the steps of the Arkansas state capital, Williams expressed his displeasure about a 30 second television ad paid for by The Family Council Action Committee, when they attempted to get legalizing medical marijuana off the ballot.

“The grass-growers and dope dealers would be in charge,” the narrator in the ad says. The TV spot also shows a black actor filling bags with pot at a table that has guns on it.

“Arkansas doesn’t need a state filled with stoned-out zombies, or the criminal activities that come from legalizing controlled substances,” the ad continues.

“Offensive is really an understatement. It’s the most egregiously racist, false statement you’ve ever seen in your life,” Williams reportedly told the Little Rock crowd in regards to the ad.

“They’ve got people sitting in a picture holding guns, talking about medical marijuana, and of course they happen to be of different colors to make sure you’re as irritated and angry as you can be.” Williams saw this ad as yet another version of scare tactics to prevent the medicinal law being passed.

The ballot measure goes to vote in November, if it is passed, Arkansas will be the first southern state to legalize medicinal marijuana.

Check out the ad below:

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