Every day when I open up my Tumblr page, I come across some of the most amazing photos of black women.

From fitness, curvy, and natural hair, there’s a Tumblr page for just about every “ode to a black woman” you can imagine.

Most of these Tumblr sites are reader generated, where people submit photos of themselves, but others are collections of photo found from around the web.

My favorite Tumblr sites dedicated to black women are the reader generated ones.

From these Tumblrs you’re able to get a glimpse of “real” women and their individual style. These definitely give me ideas when it comes to either my own hair or fashion choices.

Below are a few links to some of my favorite Tumblr sites:


Black & Curvy

All Things Black Women

This is Black Women

Black Beauty

Fit Black Girls!

Black N’ Fit

around the web


  1. These Tumblrs appear to have crossed over from Glorification into OBJECTIFICATION. At some point it just becomes too much.

  2. Love the hair on the Black Beauty tumblr page. But I tend to agree with the first poster, taking booty shots turns this more into objectification. And also some of these bloggers have a narcissistic vibe that turns me off. Other than that I enjoy looking at artistic or down to earth photos of black women like myself.

  3. Hey everyone. I enjoy the post and blogs. I’m curious on why you think taking pictures of one’s butt in the context of working out and transforming one’s body is objectification? The butt is a muscle that requires just as much attention in reference to exercise as the abdominals, back, or arms. Plus, the butt is a major contributor to the overall fit of jeans and dresses.

  4. VERY true! Why are butt pics labeled objectification? Makes no sense to me

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