The “War On Women” has been declared amongst many healthcare professionals and political pundits in recent months. There seems to be a different headline flashing across our screens almost daily regarding women’s bodies and what we should do with them.

This year alone there have been plans to defund Planned Parenthood, continuous efforts to strike down President Obama’s birth control plan and threats from right wing extremist to get rid of abortion as an option.

It has been quite troubling to say the least and even more so for black women with alarming statistics pouring in unbeknownst to many.

According to Forbes Magazine, black women account for 66 percent of new cases of HIV among women, the rates for unwanted pregnancy and abortion amongst African American and Hispanic women is significantly higher than white women and African American women are nearly four times likely to die of pregnancy related complications than white woman.

While the statistics are out there, the women of color to speak on the issues in the media are lacking. Here are three ways to stop discrimination against black women’s health care in the media.


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  1. I love the Post!! and all for it but I clicked on 2nd page and Bam!! The discrimination starts AGAIN. I am not known to be prejudice!! So loved by all. And I am proud and honored but… This “black” female Doctor is a straight haired barley black, not even sure if she is black. I am not “hating”, for lack of better words, but anyone who pretends not to know what I am saying, you are the problem!! She is too light to represent women of color. Any educated, humane loving being would agree. please stop doing this and trying to make it acceptable light skinned women with straight hair should represent, in advertisement and photos, black women. It is such a hurtful shame and a mind trick that needs to STOP!!! I am tired of the bullying and trickery. WHAT A hypocritical mind screw. If I posted this on many public social websites… thousands would agree. Messed up my mood. Messed up the tone of a beautiful Article.

  2. Your right kora ,i can’t stand it when they get mixed women to represent for black womr. They dont look like the average black women. Not fair at all for black culture. This article is talking about racism in the media. Your being racist by putting biracial women to portray as black women.

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