Our Faces?

While we have great advocates like Donna Brazile and Melissa Harris-Perry to speak on our behalf, sometimes, when it comes to black women’s health, it is not always enough. Write your favorite cable or broadcast network and demand that more woman of color who are journalist, political strategist and bloggers be involved in these conversations.


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  1. I love the Post!! and all for it but I clicked on 2nd page and Bam!! The discrimination starts AGAIN. I am not known to be prejudice!! So loved by all. And I am proud and honored but… This “black” female Doctor is a straight haired barley black, not even sure if she is black. I am not “hating”, for lack of better words, but anyone who pretends not to know what I am saying, you are the problem!! She is too light to represent women of color. Any educated, humane loving being would agree. please stop doing this and trying to make it acceptable light skinned women with straight hair should represent, in advertisement and photos, black women. It is such a hurtful shame and a mind trick that needs to STOP!!! I am tired of the bullying and trickery. WHAT A hypocritical mind screw. If I posted this on many public social websites… thousands would agree. Messed up my mood. Messed up the tone of a beautiful Article.

  2. Your right kora ,i can’t stand it when they get mixed women to represent for black womr. They dont look like the average black women. Not fair at all for black culture. This article is talking about racism in the media. Your being racist by putting biracial women to portray as black women.

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