When it comes to living healthy most people will tell you that one of the hardest parts is having the self control and discipline to stick to healthy choices and routines. In the moment it can be easy to make a slip, but having self control helps us succeed in the long run. But it’s so hard! A new study released recently claims that thinking about the big picture instead of the little steps required along the way can help to give us the self-control we need to reach a goal. For example, when having to make a choice between a piece of fruit or an unhealthy snack, thinking of the end weight loss result could better help you pick the fruit instead.

The rationale seems so simple, but yet many of us struggle with this every day.

I’ll be the first to admit that my self control waivers on this healthy living journey. I can pass up almost anything else, but when I see that “Buy one, Get one free” for ice cream in the supermarket window, all thoughts about healthy alternatives like grapes or frozen fruit bars goes out the window 98 percent of the time. On the flip side, I can pass up my weakness for Popeye’s chicken in favor of eating grilled chicken or cooking a slightly healthier meal at home nearly 100 percent of the time (unless it’s a serious craving … hey, I’m human!). Neither of those scenarios, however, happen because I have a plan for self control or because I do or think of anything in particular.

I have no secret to self control, but maybe if I had one my journey wouldn’t seem so hard. The reality is just flying by the seat of my stomach isn’t going to cut it; I need discipline — we all do. And maybe having the self control to stick to having self control is a good place to start.

How do you maintain self control? Any tips or tricks?

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  1. Its important for me to know that if I eat something too sugary or too salty, etc then I know that its not the end of the world; that I have not fallen off the bandwagon. It’s important that I keep in mind self control begins with me at every choice I make. So many people report once they have a break in their diet or eat a restricted item, they just give up completely! That is not the way to go. Life happens so keep it moving and make a better choice the next go round.

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