3 Ways To Eat Clean

by — Jul 17, 2012

Today is the day to start fresh! Literally! If food is your sore spot, than at least attempt to eat clean. Here are three ways to jump start your eating habits.

  1. Eliminate Processed Foods– The devil is in the details. Or at least that’s what you should assume when you walk down the aisles of the grocery store eyeing the packaging for those new 10 minute meals. It’s important that you cut back on processed foods when trying eat clean.

    Even though, it may say 4 grams of fiber and 150 calories, processed foods often contain high amounts of sodium ranging between 600 and 800, which is excess salt that is used to preserve the food in their packaging.

  2. Keep your meals small – Eating smaller portions is a vital key to losing weight and eating clean. You can eat a lean piece of meat (chicken or fish) and a side of vegetables. Get rid of unnecessary food on your plate.
  3. Don’t Overeat – One of the problems I always faced when trying to eat is ignoring my body. Make sure that you don’t eovereat. Pay attention if your body is telling you that you’re full, the more you continue to eat small, and eliminate processed foods, the fuller you’ll become, faster!
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  1. u r not lying about the processed foods.. i spent a wk eating lunch which were all tv dinners.. they were the healthy choice ones.. i didn’t pay attn to the sodium until i started getting these mean headaches.. sodium content was over 700 on almost everyone.. when i stopped eating those, my headaches stopped to..

  2. The best advice I received about shopping was from my trainer- At the grocery store, shop the perimeter mainly and stay away from the middle aisles. That’s where all the preserved/processed food sits on shelves and doesn’t need the refrigeration that fresh food needs.

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