Wedding days are wonderful occasions and a time for the celebrating of family friends and love. But the months leading up to that special day can be hell. Especially for a bride who has to fit into the ridiculously expensive dress she just purchased, and fit flawlessly.

To help in the effort, most brides-to-be sign up for bridal bootcamps. These bridal bootcamps are usually military-style fitness programs in which brides-to-be train in a hardcore yet encouraging setting and are designed to get you lean … fast!

Sure there are other bootcamp programs out there, but those are usually designed to be followed for a longer duration. Bridal bootcamps are meant to get you to your target as fast as possible, which may or may not be a good thing depending on how you look at it.

While normal bootcamps help you to lose the weight over time, time is clearly not an option for brides. They have deadlines to meet and quickly and it is that quickness that appeals to many women who are not brides. They have events or vacations coming up that they need to lose weight for and fast so a quick bootcamp is right up their alley. The problem is … how do you keep the weight off afterwards?

Bridal bootcamps are great for fitting into that stunning dress or to help the average woman get her body right for a vacation, but with obesity being such a huge problem we need programs that are more long term and not just about quick fixes.

What do you think about bridal bootcamp?

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  1. It’s kind of a Catch 22 situation. The good thing about a bridal boot-camp or any similar program (Biggest Loser, etc) is that the participants learn that hard work pays off both in the gym and in making better food choices. I think the downfall happens after they’ve reached their goal on said deadline. The hours dedicated to exercise stop or at best decrease as does the healthy eating previously adapted. People just need to make long term goals after the big day has passed to make sure they don’t fall into old habits that got them in need of a bootcamp in the first place.

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